Abby Wambach’s Burritos For Life, Courtesy Of Chipotle

Soccer star Abby Wambach got a massive burrito windfall this week when she revealed that Chipotle had presented her with a gold card and lifelong free burritos.

Lucky Abby Wambach’s burrito win is something lots of urban twentysomethings would kill for — seriously, how many times a week would you eat at Chipotle on the house? The food is so healthy and delicious and cheap, and the endless combinations mean so much variety that I personally would basically throw out my stove and install a small hot tub in the newly-vacated space because free burritos everyone!

Of course, Abby Wambach’s burrito lottery ticket isn’t all she’s known for — the athlete snagged a gold medal this summer at the London Olympics. And that’s great. But the achievement of winning free burritos for life at Chipotle somehow seems to make that honor pale in comparison because Chipotle. Burritos. Free. Forever!

The Olympian made Twitter jealous like whoa with the announcement, when she dropped the following tweet on the twittersphere this weekend:

And Twitter responded as we would, asking pertinent questions as to the limitations of Abby Wambach’s burrito privileges:

I guess we could spring for our own chips and guac considering the circumstances, were any of us plebes lucky enough to rate a free burrito card like Abby Wambach. Are you totally jealous of Abby Wambach’s burrito card from Chipotle?