Still No Word From Julian

There’s a strange sentiment pervading political internet subcultures right now that we shouldn’t be worrying about Julian Assange or demanding proof of his well being. The obnoxious “tinfoil hat” pejorative gets leveled at anyone who isn’t satisfied with the bizarre and typo-riddled unsubstantiated reassurances coming from WikiLeaks’ Twitter account, which is currently being operated by… who, exactly? Not Julian; he has no internet access.

Well I say the hell with them. I’m worried, things are not normal, and I’m not going to pretend that they are. Since the Ecuadorian embassy cut off Assange from the internet, we’ve received no live stream, no press conference, no video, no audio recording of a phone call, not even so much as a statement signed with Julian’s PGP key to suggest that our guy might be okay.

There are rumors going around that it has been proven that he is alive and well. They are false. There’s a YouTube video going around titled “New Breaking News Julian ASSANGE speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy!” It’s from 2012. WikiLeaks posted a video of Michael Moore saying he just visited with Assange that people are taking as a sign that he’s okay. It’s from June. There’s a video by The Circus wherein a blurry unknown individual claims to relay a one-word written message from Assange, who, despite having no internet access, is reported to be “too busy” to restore confidence in his beloved organization by communicating with reporters directly. All we’ve really gotten is tweets from a completely unknown person assuring us of something completely unverified, and a day-old poll asking us what form of proof we’d like of Assange’s well being. As of this writing, that poll (which excluded options such as PGP signature and press conference, but included the option of photographic evidence, as though photoshop doesn’t exist) has not been acted upon.

It is absolutely horrifying that the media isn’t surrounding the Ecuadorian embassy in London right now. WikiLeaks is without a doubt the single most significant thing happening in the world right now, its leader’s well-being is completely unverified, and the media is doing nothing but using WikiLeaks as an opportunity to beat the drums of war for a military entanglement with Russia. This chills me to the bone.

We’re at war with corporate media here, people. The disinformation campaign going out against WikiLeaks and Assange is greater than anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, and nobody’s being held accountable for it. When guys like Joel Benenson can look right at George Stephanopoulos on ABC and knowingly tell an easily-refuted lie to the American people about the validity of the leaked emails, and George will just let him get away with it, you may say for certain that we are looking at nothing other than a brazen propaganda campaign across all major television channels. As of this writing Benenson has not only not issued an apology for his lie, but no major media outlet is asking him to.

So I’m going to keep talking about this until we all receive irrefutable proof that Julian is okay. I don’t care if that annoys you. Mainstream media is doing everything it can to kill this story, and I can’t let that happen. My biggest fear is they’ll let the news value peeter out on Assange’s proof of life and when something else major is blowing up, a major world distraction of some kind, the embassy will quietly release a statement saying he’s “gone missing” to no outrage at all. And with all Hillary Clinton’s talk about no-fly zones and military retaliations for the alleged Russian cyber attacks, it looks like a major world distraction may be right around the corner.

Media manipulation is the Clintons’ best weapon; that’s why Bill went out of his way to consolidate corporate media during his term, as Truth-Out reports. The emails reveal how much power they have not only over journalists, but polls as well. They can pretty much shape the narrative as they wish; it’s really no thing for them. The old “Look over there!” magician’s trick is one of the oldest in the book, but it’s one they’ve really mastered.

Which is why WikiLeaks has been such a crucial blow to their power. WikiLeaks is the only reason we know about that stuff, for example. WikiLeaks is the only reason we know what her public and private positions are, how they rigged the primary election, and how they planned to rig the general. They are shining a big bright light on what Roosevelt called “the hidden government,” a government comprised of the very rich donors buying their surrogates headed up by the Clintons, their superPACs coordinated by a network of dark operatives reporting to Podesta, who shape the narrative and instruct the media to cover it that way.

So please, help keep this story alive. We do not know if Julian is okay. We do know that Chelsea Manning was tortured and that Seth Rich was murdered, however. Don’t let your bright rebellious eyes off Assange’s well being for one minute. Write articles, write blogs, tweet, Facebook, talk to your friends, write it on the walls of bathroom stalls if you need to. Please keep this story burning, because the enemies of truth are determined to snuff it out.

Proof of life, WikiLeaks. Please deliver.

[Featured Image by Kirsty WigglesworthAP Images]