Jacqueline Laurita Confirms Kim DePaola Gave Proof Melissa Gorga’s Manager Tried To Sabotage Teresa Giudice In Unaired Scene

Kim DePaola apparently went to Dolores Catania’s housewarming party ready to have a big confrontation with Melissa Gorga. On Monday, The Real Mr. Housewife reported that Kim D. went to the party armed with packets of information that sought to prove that Melissa’s then-store manager, Derek Zagami, really did sell Teresa Giudice out to the tabloids. According to the website, Kim D. gave each of the show’s cast members a packet of evidence. What was Melissa’s reaction to Kim D. publicly calling out her employee, which probably led to some people wondering if Melissa herself tried to bring down her sister-in-law by employing Derek? The website reported that its sources said that Melissa refused to look at what Kim D. passed around.

Dolores’ housewarming party was featured on the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode that aired on Sunday night. As viewers saw, Jacqueline Laurita attended the party, as did Siggy Flicker, Melissa, Kathy Wakile, Rosie Pierri, and Kim D. Teresa ended up canceling at the last minute, opting instead to stay home with her daughters after the recent departure of her husband, Joe Giudice, to prison.

Jacqueline confirmed that she saw the packet. She commented that she wasn’t surprised.

What was in the packet that Kim D., who used to be good friends with Teresa, gave to each housewife? Real Mr. Housewife obtained a packet and published the contents of it, which shows that it contained news and tabloid clippings that Kim D. claimed was evidence that Derek sold stories of Teresa to the tabloids and tried to ruin her reputation. Kim D. added commentary to each piece of evidence.

For example, one page of the packet was a photo of Derek filming Teresa with a camera as she signed a book for a fan at the Posche 2014 fashion show. Kim D.’s commentary pointed out that right after the fashion show, a story was sold to Radar Online that claimed that Teresa was collecting cash for autographs at the event. The next page of the packet showed the Radar Online article that accused Teresa of still hiding income by asking for cash only in exchange for autographs at the Posche fashion show. Kim D.’s commentary accused Derek of being the one who sold the story.

Other pages showed printouts from Derek’s Facebook page that showed that he followed Teresa’s journey to prison in early 2015 and made a video of him following her for his show, The Derek Z Show. Kim D. called Derek a “stalker” and a “snake” who was now working for Melissa. Kim D. wrote that it was too bad that the video has since been deleted so Teresa can’t see it.

“So Derek not only FOLLOWED Teresa to Danbury but also filmed every minute of it. Too bad Mr. Stalker deleted the video, would have loved Teresa to see it so she could really see what a snake is now working for Melissa.”

Another page showed a photo of Derek with Melissa. Kim D. wrote that just one month after Teresa began her prison sentence, Derek started hanging out with Melissa. On the last page, Kim D. said that she would never have someone like Derek working for her if she was in Melissa’s position, clearly implying that Melissa herself may not be so innocent.

“I would say he’s [Derek] more of a Reality Star Stalker than a Fashionista don’t you? Seems like a lying Rat to me and would NEVER be someone working under me if that was my family. As you can see he was trying to ruin Teresa’s reputation and follow her steps through the worst time in her life just to feed the public.”

Not only did Real Mr. Housewife report that Melissa refused to look at the packet at Dolores Catania’s party but that it was Melissa who told Derek to delete the videos that implicated him. According to the website, sources said that Melissa, who was already aware of the videos, told Derek to immediately delete them when Kim D. first made her allegation against him.

In a previous The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, Kim DePaola told Siggy Flicker and Jacqueline Laurita when they went to her boutique that Derek was supposedly selling stories of Teresa to the tabloids. When Siggy told Melissa Gorga what Kim D. said, Melissa dismissed the possibility that Derek did such things and was now working for her just to get inside scoop on Teresa Giudice. Melissa explained that before becoming her store manager, Derek tried to get a reality TV gossip show that he hosted off the ground and so would cover Teresa’s events and happenings. Melissa said that Kim D. was just trying to cause trouble again.

I was absolutely thrilled to see my Posche by Kim D last night on RHONJ !!!! What a special evening !!!!!!!

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As the Inquisitr reported, right after that episode aired, Derek announced that he was no longer going to be working as Melissa’s Envy store manager. According to Derek, he wasn’t fired but made the decision to leave to pursue new career opportunities.

Interestingly enough, Kim D. actually did an interview with Derek for his show back in 2015. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in November 2015, when Teresa was finishing out her prison sentence, Kim D. told Derek that what happened to Teresa was a lesson to women everywhere. Clearly, Kim D. is now not so friendly with Derek anymore.

For whatever reason, the Real Housewives‘ producers decided that Kim D. giving the housewives her packet of evidence against Derek and Melissa refusing to look at it wasn’t worth airing, as none of it was shown on Sunday’s episode. On Sunday night, Kim D. re-tweeted a viewer’s observation that a scene involving Melissa and Kim D. that was shown in the Season 7 trailer was ultimately cut from the episode.

Dolores’ housewarming party had the potential to be the scene of a lot of drama. Teresa’s last-minute cancellation ruled out the possibility of another argument between her and Jacqueline. Dolores was still worried about what may happen between Melissa and Jacqueline. Melissa, after her verbal altercation with Jacqueline during the cast’s Vermont vacation, during which Jacqueline yelled that she was a “fake, phony b**ch” who has had four nose jobs, made it clear that she had no desire to see or speak to Jacqueline at Dolores’ house.

When Melissa arrived at the party, she pointedly greeted everyone else but ignored Jacqueline, as well as Kim DePaola, who was sitting near Jacqueline.

“Oh I see that you got the trouble-maker crew,” Melissa, pointing towards Jacqueline and Kim D., told Dolores.

In a confessional interview, Melissa explained why she ignored Jacqueline.

“I have absolutely no desire to see Jacqueline. I’m not going to do like the whole, ‘[Kiss kiss motion] Hi! How are you?’ Like no, not my style. I’ll stay in the kitchen.”

Jacqueline Laurita, by wearing a T-shirt with the words “Namast’ay Away From Me” to the party, made it clear that she didn’t want Melissa Gorga, nor Teresa Giudice had she shown up, near her anyways. In her own confessional interview, Jacqueline said that the sight of Melissa made her feel a little sicker.

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