Flawless 76 Carat Diamond Expected To Snag $15 Million At Auction [Video]

A flawless 76-carat diamond is expected to snag a cool $15 million when it hits auction next month, according to ABC News. The rock in question, which is known as the Archduke Joseph diamond, is reportedly big enough that it can fit snugly inside the palm of an adult hand. In other words, this isn’t something you’ll want to wear on your finger or around your neck.

Christie’s is presently set to auction the legendary 400-year-old 76-carat diamond in Geneva this November, though you’ll probably want to make sure you have plenty of money in your bank account before placing a bid. Experts seem to think the Archduke Joseph will fetch upwards of $15 million. However, should a bidding war erupt, that price could easily skyrocket.

During his appearance on NBC’s TODAY Show, Christie’s Head of Jewelry Rahul Kadakia said that it’s difficult for most people to imagine a diamond of this size and shape. “It can be hard to visualize exactly how big a 76.02 carat diamond is,” he explained. “It’s about the size of a quail’s egg, and completely pure and clear in color.”

After Matt Lauer joked about what would happen should someone accidentally drop the 76-carat diamond, Kadakia revealed that, while hard, diamonds are actually quite brittle. Whoever decides to spend $15 million on this rock might want to handle this thing with extreme care.


The Archduke Joseph diamond, which was named after Archduke Joseph August of Austria, originates from one of the oldest diamond mines on the entire planet. India’s Golconda mine, which is now closed for business, produced a number of legendary diamonds during its lifespan, the Archduke Joseph being one of them. Kadakia explained that it’s currently the “finest and largest stone from the Golconda mines available for sale today.”

Would you spend $15 million on a 400-year-old 76-carat diamond from India?