June 19, 2017
Carla Bruni Calls Rumors Of Trump Affair 'A Lie,' Throws Shade At Melania's Modeling Career

Carla Bruni, the 49-year-old singer, supermodel and former First Lady of France, is once again denying persistent rumors that she once had an affair with Donald Trump. Rumors that Bruni says were spread and even confirmed by none other that Trump himself.

The whole sordid situation first erupted back in 1991. That's when Trump was famously divorcing from his second wife, Marla Maples. According to the then-tabloid headlines, the reason for the high-profile breakup was an affair between Donald and the beautiful young model, Carla Bruni.

Bruni always unequivocally denied that she ever had an affair or sexual relationship with the then-real estate mogul. However, that didn't stop the New York Post from calling Carla Bruni out in a front-page story that blamed her for the Trump-Maples divorce, reports PEOPLE.PEOPLE covered the tantalizing tabloid scandal in 1991, and a reporter called the office of Donald Trump seeking comment on the situation. The reporter spoke to a publicist, "John Miller," who confirmed the reports of an affair between Donald and Carla Bruni.

The only problem? John Miller's voice was eerily reminiscent of Donald Trump's, and when Marla Maples heard a tape of the interview at a later time, she positively identified "John Miller" as Donald Trump.


When Donald Trump was confronted about the identity of John Miller, he confessed, calling the high-profile rumor-stoking involving Carla Bruni "a joke gone awry."
"What I did became a good time at Marla's expense, and I'm very sorry."
While the whole fake story of an affair between Trump and Carla Bruni would seem to be wholly debunked and ancient history, the former First Lady of France spoke about the embarrassing debacle in a new interview with The Daily Beast. In the interview, Carla Bruni once again denounced the affair rumors as completely untruthful.
"Actually, the whole situation was very vague and just did not exist. So I was very surprised when he [Trump] went to the press."
According to Bruni, she's also not thrilled that the "lie" of her affair with Trump nearly tops the list of Google results related to her name, especially given her impressive modeling and singing careers, not to mention tenure as France's First Lady. Carla Bruni says that the problem appears to be unique to "American Google."
"That's because it was a lie. Maybe it's American Google, because if it's French Google, other things come up — mostly my man, my work, my younger pictures. But I'm glad there's not much about my children. I've been able to protect them."
During her interview with The Daily Beast, Carla Bruni also had a little bit of shade to throw on Melania Trump with regard to the current FLOTUS' nude photo scandal, something that Bruni has had to deal with herself. Not long after she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008, a nude photograph of Carla Bruni was auctioned off, creating tabloid furor in France. The photo had been taken roughly 15 years earlier, at the height of her fame.

According to Carla Bruni, there's a big difference between her nude photo scandal and the nude photos of Melania Trump that were plastered all over the New York Post in the midst of the 2016 presidential election cycle. The difference? Carla Bruni was actually famous when her nude photograph was taken.

"It was very different because I had quite a bit of fame from my modeling and my first album."
What do you think about Carla Bruni once again calling out the lie of her alleged Trump affair? Was it appropriate for Donald Trump to pretend to be PR guy "John Miller" to deliberately confirm a known hoax to the media? Is it appropriate for Bruni to call out Melania Trump's lack of career success and personal fame? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Thibault Camus/AP Images]