June 19, 2017
Does Kate Middleton Hold More Diplomatic Power Than The Future Kings, Including Her Husband Prince William?

Does Kate Middleton really hold more diplomatic power than the two future kings, including her husband Prince William, and the heir apparent, Prince Charles?

Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims that Prince William's wife's soft diplomacy has been Britain's greatest asset as they deal with Brexit. Yet, they hint that William is frustrated that the focus is all on Kate when before their engagement, his own presence makes headlines. They point out that their joint trip to France was a huge media event, in comparison to a trip taken by the future king.

Prince Charles, along with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, took their own trip a few weeks later, visiting Romania, Italy, and Austria. This charm offensive was met with far less hubbub than Will and Kate's Paris trip. They say that this is because more people are excited to meet Catherine than they are the other "blood" royals.

When Kate Middleton went to Luxembourg on a solo tour in May, the Standard reported that the charm offensive was more than a little successful. The Duchess of Cambridge looked lovely in a soft blue, Emelia Wickstead coat, and a dazzling smile. After Catherine spoke, Secretary of State of the Economy, Francine Closener, seemed very satisfied by their meeting, and despite Brexit, she expressed her belief that the two nations shared many more values than membership in the European Union.

"Luxembourg shares the British pragmatism and the commitment to constant improvement.
Kate Middleton's warmth, her grace, and her charm won over any possible negative feelings towards Great Britain. Her mere presence made one young boy cry, offering many photo ops and smiles.While Kate is heralded as a great diplomat, what many fail to mention is how together, with Prince William, this royal couple create more magic. Prince William is well aware that having the right partner in life is important for his happiness, as well success in his family business.His own late, beloved mother, Princess Diana, was known to conquer a room and bedazzle a crowd. Granted, the Daily Beast pointed out that Prince Charles felt overshadowed by Princess Diana, but it is clear that Kate and Will are a team. Should Catherine become the great diplomat that everyone is calling her, then William should be even happier, as his own royal agenda is going to be that much easier to accomplish.Yet, recently, when William joined his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, to visit those affected by the horrific Grenfell Tower fire, People reported that he broke royal protocol and tenderly hugged victims of the fire. Protocol states that a royal can only give an occasional handshake, yet William showed his heart and expressed sincere empathy and compassion to a grieving woman. Here, he demonstrated that he was truly Princess Diana's son and not a royal with a stiff upper lip.
Many are anticipating Kate and Will's summer charm offensive in Germany and Poland in mid-July. Although it is not clear on whether their adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will join them, the couple plans on visiting Warsaw, Gdańsk, Berlin, Heidelberg, and Hamburg. While Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling to keep her position after a disastrous and unnecessary election, the Cambridges are Briton's best bet at easing the tensions between the European Union and Great Britain, as politicians plan for Brexit.
Proving they are the truly the dream team, Kate is charming those who may oppose Great Britain with her charisma and diplomatic ways, winning over minds, and it is William, with his quiet compassion and sincere warmth, that will win over hearts.
What are your thoughts on whether you believe Kate Middleton holds more diplomatic power than Prince William or Prince Charles? Do you think that this is a team effort with Prince William, or do you believe that Duchess Catherine is more popular on her own?

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