New Halloween Smartphone App Allows Parents To Track Kids

A new smartphone app was released Friday just in time for Halloween.

According to, The Halloween app, which really can be used any time of the year, is called SecuraFone and can be downloaded onto iPhone or Android devices that a child will carry with them while out trick-or-treating. With the Halloween app, a parent will be able to know exactly where their child is and receive an alert if the child travels too far from home. If the child runs into trouble, there’s an option to send an emergency SOS text message home with the press of a button.

The emergency alert feature of the Halloween app can be programmed to text and email multiple people at once, increasing the opportunity for response. For example, it could notify the parents at home but also notify the child’s friends who may be trick-or-treating in the same area.

The Examiner reports that isn’t all the Halloween app can do. It offers free tracking and can connect the user immediately with emergency dispatchers if need be. It can also show a history of where the user has been over the past 90 days.

While the program has recently been dubbed the Halloween app, the SecuraFone website shows the app is a useful tool year round. When your kid is too old for trick-or-treating on Halloween, the app still has a use as it can be used to monitor teen driving and to make sure that texts and emails cannot be sent while someone is driving.