‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Hope Go On Trial For Stefano’s Murder?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in, and it looks like Stefano’s killer has been revealed. That said, there’s a ton of DOOL gossip to go around considering the Halloween episode is coming up.

It’s said that Hope will have to get through a truly awful date with Aiden. Word is that Aiden is desperately trying to win Hope back. As the Inquisitr reported, Aiden used the recording of Hope’s confession of Stefano’s murder to his own advantage. Going by the current spoilers, it looks like Aiden is getting his way and that Hope is meeting his every demand so he won’t turn her in. As we know, Aiden wound up giving Hope an ultimatum: either she splits from Rafe or she gets turned in.

Days of Our Lives spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that this isn’t the only thing Hope has to deal with. Despite Hope telling Aiden that he’s wasting his time on her, Aiden will be very pushy and aggressive in an effort to win her back and will threaten to leak the tape. That said, many fans don’t think this relationship will amount to anything true. Aiden’s blackmailing for Hope’s affection is shaky ground at best.

It sounds like Aiden’s attempts to win Hope back will do more harm than good, and Hope will suffer “dreadful memories” of her own. Hope will stand her ground that Aiden can’t force her to love him, even if Aiden is willing to expose Hope at Stefano’s killer.

Despite being firm with Aiden, Days of Our Lives spoilers lead us to believe that it’s not going to be an easy road for Hope. While she and Rafe will dress up for Halloween for a charity gala to forget about their worries, there’s a hint something might go down at the event that will reveal that Hope is Stefano’s killer. A theory is swirling that someone will get their hands on the confession tape while at the function. It’s also hinted that an upcoming trial will happen in November, which will see Hope accused of murdering Stefano, so we know that at some point, that tape will be used against her. Whether Aiden actually exposes her is another question.

Will Hope go to prison for good? Right now, it’s only suspected that she’ll go to the slammer for a few months. As we know, anything can happen on DOOL, as we’ve seen three convicts escape prison in the last few weeks of the show. While a lot of variables are up in the air, we do know that no matter what happens, Rafe will still be on Hope’s side.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Rafe will come to Hope’s defense as Chad becomes angry at the news that Hope killed Stefano. When rumors were initially swirling of Hope’s involvement, Chad didn’t believe that Hope could be involved, but now he feels duped. While Rafe is standing behind his love, and making an argument for her actions, it’s said that he also won’t excuse her behavior either.

Rafe understands that Hope was feeling a tremendous amount of weight after Bo’s death and that Stefano wasn’t exactly an angel either. Rafe sees Hope’s actions as misguided revenge, but will he be the only one to stand with Hope as she gears up for a potential trial?

What do you think of the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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