‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Another Character Leaving Salem, Will He Be Killed Off?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that viewers are going to say goodbye to another character. Although some fans may be glad to have this particular Salem resident out of the picture, it will be a much different world without him.

According to Soap Hub, Aiden Jennings will make his final goodbyes this week. While rumors had been swirling that Aiden would be killed off by one of the escaped convicts, or possibly Hope or Rafe, it seems he’ll make it out of Salem alive this time around.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Aiden is leaving Salem, will he be killed off?
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As many Days of our Lives fans know, Aiden Jennings has been a thorn in Hope’s side since his return to Salem. Although Hope and Aiden were once madly in love, Aiden betrayed Hope by agreeing to kill her for her life insurance money to repay the DiMera family for a debt he owed them. When Aiden backed out of the deal, Andre took him prisoner and sent a doppelganger in his place to kill Hope. Luckily for Hope, her true love, Bo Brady, returned to town just in time to save her and kill the doppelganger, whom everyone believed to be Aiden.

When Aiden finally broke out of the prison cell he was being kept in, he returned to Salem and to Hope, who was shocked to find him alive. After Aiden had explained his case, he found out that Hope had already moved on with Rafe. However, Rafe decided to step aside and let Hope reunite with Aiden. While it looked like Hope and Aiden were back on the path to reconciliation, Days of Our Lives fans knew better. Aiden immediately started dealing with Andre DiMera again, and when Hope found out, she called off the reunion and came running back to Rafe.

Aiden’s evil switch seemed to flip, and Days of Our Lives fans watched as he plotted to get Hope back. Aiden even blackmailed his way into taking Justin Kiriakis’ job as the district attorney, where he revealed he wanted to reopen the Stefano DiMera murder case. As viewers know, Hope killed Stefano and then Rafe helped her cover up the murder. Aiden found out and set out to prove it. When Aiden finally got proof that Hope and Rafe were to blame for Stefano’s murder he blackmailed Hope into ditching Rafe and reuniting with him. Hope was completely torn about what to do, and decided that she had to get back together with Aiden and move to Oregon with him as he requested.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Hope and Aiden are officially over.
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However, this week, instead of Aiden being killed off, it looks like he’ll actually do something decent. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Aiden will have a change of heart about forcing Hope into a relationship with him, and he’ll leave Salem to head to Oregon, where his son Chase is currently being treated for his mental issues. This should free up Hope and Rafe for good, and clear the dark clouds that had been hanging over their heads about being busted for Stefano’s murder.

Meanwhile, as Hope’s life is taking a turn for the better, Days of Our Lives viewers will see Orpheus shockingly make another return from the dead to kidnap Marlena Evans and Kayla Brady. Orpheus will likely have big plans for the women and will use them to get back at their husbands, John Black and Steve Johnson, whom he’s been plotting revenge against for years.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Will you miss Aiden Jennings, are are you glad to finally see him leave Salem, and Hope, behind for good?

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