‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Major Character Death Coming?

Days of Our Lives fans can feel the drama coming. Now that Xander, Orpheus, and Clyde have all escaped from prison and are headed back to Salem to get revenge, someone may lose their life.

According to Parent Herald, Days of Our Lives viewers will see some crazy action in the upcoming episodes. It will all start when the three escaped convicts show up in Salem to carry out their revenge plans. The trio will arrive just in time to ruin Brady and Theresa’s wedding and possibly kill a beloved character in the process.

DOOL fans have watched as Xander revealed he would love to get revenge on Theresa Donovan and Nicole Walker for putting him behind bars. Meanwhile, Clyde will have his sights set on ex-girlfriend Kate Roberts. However, it is Orpheus who will make the biggest impact during the dramatic scenes. Orpheus, who goes by the name Milo Harp now, recently revealed that he wants to kill Roman Brady, Marlena Evans, and John Black.

Anything could happen, and viewers are starting to get worried about the fate of their favorite characters. Many beloved characters will be in attendance at Brady and Theresa’s wedding when the convicts make their move.

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As many Days of Our Lives viewers know, actress Jen Lilley, who plays Theresa Donovan, has confirmed her exit from the NBC soap opera. This is leading to speculation about how Theresa may exit the show. Could the character die at the hands of Xander Cook? In the DOOL fall preview, Xander is seen strangling Theresa with the intent to end her life. Can her fiance, Brady Black, save her before he finishes the job?

Another character who could end up injured by one of the convicts is Chad DiMera. As Clyde Weston tries to get his revenge on Kate Roberts, he’ll pull out a gun. However, when Chad sees the situation he’ll quickly recognize that Kate is in danger and play the hero yet again. Will Clyde end up shooting Chad? This confrontation should be interesting as Chad and Clyde have a lot of reasons to hate one another. Clyde believes that Chad is raising his son Ben’s child and is also the reason the Ben was arrested and put away. Chad knows that Ben is the reason why his wife, Abigail, lost her mind and is now presumed dead. Perhaps Chad will go off the deep and kill Clyde himself?

Another Days of Our Lives hero moment will come when Orpheus shows up at the Kiriakis mansion with a gun. He’ll fire the gun in Victor’s direction, and John Black will make a split-second decision to shield his former father-in-law from the bullet. Will John end up shot, injured, or dead from the bullet?

Meanwhile, other Salem drama will revolve around Kayla, Hope, Aiden, and Belle. Belle and Shawn will finally give their relationship another shot when they decide to move to China together. The couple will leave their daughter Claire behind to attend college.

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Kayla has been rushed to Salem hospital after the impact of her brain bleed starts to cause some serious issues. Her life will hang in the balance, but it’s likely that the character will recover and bring her family back together.

Meanwhile, Aiden and Hope will continue to spar while at work. Aiden will later decide that he wants to send his son, Chase, back to Oregon and that he’ll later join him. Could this be how the characters leave the show for good? Meanwhile, Hope blows off some steam from her stressful work environment by having some romantic alone time with Rafe.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Theresa, Chad, John, Kayla, or someone else will be killed off in the near future?


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