‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Aiden To Be Killed Off Again?

Days of Our Lives fans have been hearing rumblings that actor Daniel Cosgrove may be leaving the NBC soap again. Cosgrove’s character, Aiden Jennings, seems to be doing more harm than good in Salem, and it may be time for him to exit the show.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, rumors are flying that Aiden Jennings will soon be gone from Salem, and that Days of Our Lives viewers may even witness his death.

Of course DOOL fans have already said goodbye to Aiden once. The character was involved in a shocking storyline where he was set to murder his new wife Hope Brady on their wedding night in order to collect her life insurance money to pay off the debt he owed to the DiMera family. However, Hope’s long lost husband, Bo Brady, came home in the nick of time to save her, killing Aiden in the process, or so we thought.

Later, Days of Our Lives fans found out that Aiden had been switched with an evil doppelganger by the DiMera family and locked away in a cell somewhere. He shockingly returned to Salem just as Hope had moved on romantically with her partner on the police force, Rafe Hernandez.

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While Hope decided to give Aiden one last chance upon hearing his story, things quickly went south. After Hope found out that Aiden was still doing some dirty deals with Andre DiMera, she decided to pull the plug for good this time. However, it doesn’t look like Aiden will stop there.

In a newly released Days of Our Lives fall preview, Aiden is seen as the new district attorney demanding that Hope confess to the murder of Stefano DiMera. This could cause serious trouble for Hope and/or Aiden, who may be killed off just to protect Hope’s stunning murder secret. Will Hope commit murder yet again?

Meanwhile, other Salem citizens will also be dealing with big drama. Brady Black and Theresa Donovan will finally be reunited with their son, Tate. However, now that Tate is safely back in the arms of his parents, the pair will want their son’s kidnapper brought to justice. This will lead to Brady’s own grandfather, Victor Kiriakis, being arrested for the kidnapping.

While many Days of Our Lives viewers have seen all the signs point to Victor being the guilty party, others won’t be so sure. In fact, Sonny will question Victor’s brother, Deimos, about setting Victor up for the crime.

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However, the most dramatic moment of the fall may come when three criminals break out of prison. Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus will return to Salem to get revenge on those who put them behind bars. This will all come to a head at Brady and Theresa’s wedding.

While Clyde will want revenge on his ex-girlfriend, Kate Roberts, Xander will set his sights on Theresa. In the Days of Our Lives preview, Xander is seen telling Theresa that he wants her dead and then strangling her. This has fans worried about the future of the character as actress Jen Lilley has already announced she’ll soon be leaving the soap. Will Theresa be killed on her wedding day?

Meanwhile, some DOOL fans are wondering who Orpheus is. The character hasn’t been seen on the soap since the late 1980s. Orpheus, played by Milo Harp, was Roman Brady’s partner in the ISA and while on a mission Roman accidentally killed Orpheus’ wife.

Looking for revenge, Orpheus kidnapped Roman’s then wife, Marlena Evans. The story came to a head when Roman found them and shot and killed Orpheus, who has long been thought dead. Of course, his body was never found, which explains his upcoming return to Salem.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?


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