‘Diablo 4’ News: Dungeon Crawler To Be Absent At BlizzCon 2016, ‘Diablo 2’ HD And ‘Diablo 3’ Expansion To be Announced Instead?

Diablo 4 news and rumors have been making the rounds on the internet lately, and for good reason too. With the esteemed gaming franchise turning 20 this year, numerous fans of the series believe that this would be the perfect time for Blizzard to release the latest installment in the long-running Diablo saga.

Recent tweets from Ex-Diablo lead David Brevik added fuel to speculations about Diablo 4 and its alleged development. Brevik’s tweets, especially one which was posted last week, has attracted the interest of the franchise’s fandom.

Considering that the tweet, which specifically mentioned the Diablo franchise by name, was posted by a man who was once at the helm of the franchise, it was no surprise that numerous fans of the iconic dungeon crawler immediately connected the announcement to the possibility of Diablo 4 being announced soon.

As it turned out, however, the clues dropped by Brevik, while indeed referring to an upcoming game, were not related in any way to the Diablo franchise. Instead, the ex-Diablo lead has revealed that his tweets were about him taking the role of an adviser on another upcoming game, Path of Exile, which is set to be launched in China soon.

With the rumors about Brevik, who was lead programmer on the first Diablo game and project lead on the critically-acclaimed Diablo 2, ultimately being put to rest, speculations concerning the release of Diablo 4 have gone back to rumor territory. What is confirmed, however, is the fact that Blizzard is already actively looking for a new Game Director for the iconic dungeon crawling franchise.

With BlizzCon 2016 coming in early November, it would be a great idea if the Diablo franchise would be featured in the event. Fans are already excited about any news regarding the franchise, and it would be quite out of character for Blizzard to intentionally disappoint its massive fanbase.

At this point, the possibility of a Diablo 4 reveal in BlizzCon 2016 is very slim, mainly due to the lack of proper staff for the project. Apart from this, the developer does not seem to have enough time to develop a massive title such as Diablo 4 either.

A Diablo 3 player reaches Level 70.

What Blizzard can do, however, is make the most out of the titles and games that it currently has. As it is with upcoming events like BlizzCon 2016, rumors about what Blizzard could do in place of a Diablo 4 reveal have also emerged.

At the forefront of these new set of speculations is the notion that instead of unveiling Diablo 4, Blizzard would instead opt to reveal an HD remaster of one of the franchise’s most successful title, 2000’s Diablo 2. Among all the titles in the franchise, Diablo 2 was considered a favorite by fans due to its introduction of different character classes and a more refined, engaging gameplay compared to its predecessor.

HD remasters are pretty much standard for classic games, with even recent successful titles like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim getting a remastered release. Thus, the premise of Blizzard releasing a Diablo 2 HD remaster actually makes a lot of sense.

Diablo 3 booths are seen at GamesCom 2013.

Another possibility that fans are pointing to is the premise of Blizzard releasing an expansion pack for yet another blockbuster title in the franchise, Diablo 3. Doing so would at least allow avid fans of the franchise to be adequately occupied for the next year or so.

Diablo is arguably one of the most iconic PC franchises ever made, practically revolutionizing the dungeon crawler genre single-handedly. Lauded for its gameplay and its surprisingly solid stories, the series’ fanbase is one which quite literally grew with the franchise. As Diablo 4 news and rumors continue to emerge, Blizzard would be wise to keep its legion of fans satisfied.

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