Teen Shot By Taliban Flown To UK For Treatment

A teen who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan has been sent to the United Kingdom for treatment.

Fourteen-year-old activist Malala Yousufzai is to receive specialized treatment in the UK where surgeons will repair damaged bones in her skull. According to Pakistani military sources who spoke to Fox News, the youngster will undergo intensive “neuro rehabilitation.”

Pakistan state TV revealed Yousufzai was flown out of the country early Monday morning, less than a week after the teen and two classmates were targeted by Taliban gunmen as they made their way home from school in the northwest Swat Valley region of the country.

Immediately after the attack, doctors at a Pakistani military hospital removed the bullet and stabilized her condition. The Asian country’s military added that Yousufzai will receive prolonged care until she makes a full recovery from the physical and psychological effects of her trauma. Both of the young activist’s friends survived the attack, though one was seriously injured.


Malala was shot in the head Tuesday for promoting girls’ education in Pakistan and criticizing the extremist Islamic militant group. Since the attempt on her life, the Taliban has threatened that the 14-year-old will become a target if she does survive a wounding that has made her a hero to many Pakistanis.

On Wednesday, the Pakistani government offered a Rs 10 million ($105,000) bounty for the capture of the Taliban assailants who had attempted to murder the teen.

The offer seems to have worked; over the weekend, police in Pakistan revealed that arrests have been made in the case.