Felix Baumgarten’s Super Sonic Jump Gets LEGO Treatment [Video]

Sorry Felix Baumgarten but you will be the second person to jump from your record setting height, but only if you include LEGO men in your equation.

In celebration of the Red Bull sponsored jump the team at Lego has created a mock-up video of the world record setting skydiving attempt.

Sure the video is likely just a two-minute distraction on your day but it also showcases the wonderment of the record setting attempt.

In the short we witness the Red Bull Stratos jump reenacted entirely by LEGO.

LEGO went all out to create a scene not only featuring Felix Baumgarten but also a gallery of men and women who are watching the jump from Earth.

We are currently watching the live video stream for the jump on YouTube and if all goes as planned the jump will end just like the LEGO video, with a safe soft landing on earth.

The video was taken to promote the Model Maker Fair in Vienna, Austria.


If you have not yet had a chance to check out the Felix Baumgarten record attempting ascent and jump the footage can be seen below. Pay close attention to the incredible amount of technical fail safes being implemented by the Red Bull Stratos team:

If you are a huge fan of LEGO you can watch the parody video here:

Could you ever muster up the courage to jump from more than 125,000 feet above Earth?