Kim Kardashian Birthday No Show, Kanye West 'Furious' As Jay Z And Beyonce Ignore Kim's Birthday

Whoa! It looks like Kanye West's feud with Jay Z and Beyonce is exploding! The rapper has had some bad blood with Jay Z and Bey in the past, but Kim Kardashian's birthday celebrations put things right over the edge for Kanye.

Beyonce and Jay Z declined to show up at the birthday bash Kanye threw for Kim, and that move made Kanye madder than ever at his rivals.

According to Hollywood Life, the "gloves are coming off now" between Kanye and Jay Z -- as if they were ever on! Kanye's been angry with the "Lemonade" singer and her rapper hubby since the couple skipped his wedding to Kim Kardashian.
A Kanye insider shared how West really felt about the wedding cold shoulder. The source said that Kanye felt Jay Z and Beyonce's rejection deep inside even though he made it look like he didn't care at all, and he's "still incensed" about it.
"When Jay Z and Beyonce blew off coming to his wedding to Kim [Kardashian] it infuriated Kanye. Although publicly he said it didn't matter, privately Kanye was incensed."
The insider went on to explain that the wedding episode has been festering away ever since, and every little thing Jay Z does just adds to West's anger. When they stayed away from Kim's birthday, that really hurt.
"He never got over that."
Earlier this week at his October 19 concert, Kanye let out some of that anger when he went on "one of his infamous rants" targeting Jay.
He had plenty to say about his frenemy rapper and Kardashian's birthday cop-out, but really got to the point of what's making him mad right now when he talked about Kim Kardashian's robbery. Kanye was furious about the way Jay and Beyonce responded to Kim being robbed in Paris.
"Don't call me, after the robbery, and say 'How you feelin'?' You wanna know how I'm feeling? Come by the house."
Kanye shaded Jay Z in the most hurtful way when he told the concert crowd how Jay only called instead of coming over to offer some sympathy in person.

Kanye and Jay were better than friends; they were brothers. But now, it looks like Kanye feels completely rejected by Jay and is really hurt at the distant way Jay Z handled Kim's robbery.

"Bring the kids by the house, like we're brothers."
Beyonce wasn't impressed with the "negativity," according to a report by International Business Times. A Beyonce insider said that the "Drunk In Love" singer "is frustrated and disappointed in Kanye for calling them out like this." She feels that their friendship is worth a private phone call instead of a public call-out.
"If he has issues with them, he can call them up and they can talk about it in private."
It's funny that Bey mentioned a phone call as a way to communicate and smooth out the conflict. Using the phone instead of showing up in person was exactly what got Kanye so mad at her after Kim was robbed.

But West is easily upset by things and really takes it personally when one of his friends doesn't live up to his expectations. Friends ignoring Kim's birthday was a big problem for West.

"Kanye [West] is an emotional guy and he gets very upset when he feels people slight him or disrespect him. It hurts him."
Kanye definitely showed his emotional side when he put together plans for Kim's birthday celebrations. He made sure that no matter who showed up at her birthday, Kardashian would know she's loved.
Kanye made a Kim Kardashian birthday video highlighting their family life together with little Saint and North. It actually made Kim cry when she saw it!

Kanye put a lot of work into Kim's birthday celebrations and it's no wonder that such a sensitive guy would feel it when two of his best friends don't even bother to turn up.

"Ouch. Looks like this feud might just be getting started."
Some Kanye and Jay Z fans are pretty sure the stories of conflict between the two are made up. One Twitter user joked he's just in it for the memes.
What do you think? Should Jay Z and Beyonce have shown up for Kim Kardashian's birthday, or is Kanye overreacting?

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]