WWE News: Update On Major Plans For WWE NXT Women's Champion Asuka, Could It Include A Main Roster Jump?

WWE NXT Women's Champion Asuka has literally cleaned out the NXT women's division, so much so that her next opponent isn't even on the regular roster. WWE has decided to have Asuka face former five-time WWE Women's Champion Mickie James at the next major NXT event known as NXT Takeover: Toronto. This match will take place the night before WWE Survivor Series, giving Canadians a huge weekend for the WWE this November.

However, Mickie was not WWE's first choice to face Asuka. Naturally, WWE wanted to bring in a well-known Canadian wrestler since the show does take place in Toronto. The plan was to bring in WWE Hall of Famer Trish Straus. Trish had agreed to a deal that included her working with Asuka and then doing a few more dates with the WWE. However, Trish would end up finding out that she was pregnant with her second child.

This led to WWE needing a replacement, and clearly James was the best replacement you could find. I mean, she did do a good impression of Stratus years ago anyway. However, WWE had some really big plans for Asuka when it came to Trish. Due to being in Toronto, the idea was that Asuka was going to go over and according to Cageside Seats, Asuka was going to go full heel at the event, which had been pushed a bit on television.

Mickie James Asuka NXT Takeover
[image by WWE]

On WWE NXT, we continued to see Asuka run through everyone, with no one really giving her a challenge. This led to many wondering if anyone could challenge her. which is clearly why WWE NXT General Manager William Regal had to go outside the WWE to bring in a top name from the past in the five-time Women's Champion. Of course, Trish may have been the first choice, the plan is still present to turn Asuka heel in her match with James. Perhaps an attack after the bell or something could occur.

The idea would be down the line that WWE would find someone to dethrone Asuka, but at this point, a new heel run seems like the best course of action for the Empress of Tomorrow. She has yet to lose since her debut a year ago. Few have even been a challenge for her, and WWE has created an NXT Superstar that stands out as very dominant. The hope is that whoever beats her will get a huge rub by it and go on to lead the NXT Women's Division.

The plan as of now is to bring Asuka up to the main roster next year. The problem with bringing her up sooner is the fact is that she is the only star down in the NXT Women's Division. With Bayley jumping up to the main roster a little while back, NXT really has no one that can fill the top girl role yet. WWE does have Ember Moon who debuted at the last Takeover event in Brooklyn; however, she has not yet become the star WWE needs yet.

Asuka in Brooklyn
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WWE also just brought in "Crazy" Mary Dobson who is seen by many as an easy replacement for Asuka if she can get over with the WWE fans. It is a lot easier to do this in NXT considering it is usually a mark crowd compared to the normal WWE audiences that the WWE Superstars see on a daily basis. NXT fans are some WWE's hardcore fans, so they would know who Mary was before she arrived and would obviously welcome her with open arms.

The rumor at this point is for WWE to bring up Asuka after WrestleMania 33. This is, of course, all depending on what happens regarding the NXT Women's Division. If they can sign top women or develop some into big stars there, then Asuka can leave by that point. If the company "cannot" do this, then Asuka may spend a bit more time down in WWE NXT until they can find or develop someone to take her spot.

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