June 23, 2017
Caller Dials 999, United Kingdom's '911,' On The Queen For Not Wearing Seat Belt While Driving

An eagle-eyed resident phoned in to England's 999 system, similar to that of America's 911, to report a spotting of Queen Elizabeth driving through the streets of London without a fastened seat belt, according to Metro.

Writers for the site say that the call was placed by a dutiful subject of the 91-year-old United Kingdom monarch on the morning of June 21 and picked up by the West Yorkshire Police's Contact Center, who transcribed the caller's description of the alleged royal violation through their official, public Twitter page.

"999 call received [is] reporting that the Queen isn't wearing a seat beat," the post reads.

"Yes, this actually happened," Metro goes on to say about the unbelievable yet true 999 call taking place, "but whether the caller was [actually] concerned for her safety or just wanted to get the monarch in a bit of trouble, " they go on to say, "we'll probably never know."

While the caller's intent may be uncertain, what we do know, thanks to the Independent, is that the Queen -- who was said to be on her way to the State Opening of Parliament that morning to deliver an annual address -- won't be facing any charges for forgetting to clasp her seat belt while being chauffeured through the country she rules with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

"Under UK law, civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Queen," the Independent says.

Additionally, as the 999 call came in from West Midlands, local officers in that town were the ones who ultimately intercepted the caller's complaint and not police in London, where the queen resides with the Royal Family -- and incidentally, where the British monarch was actually being driven through when she was seen without her seat belt.

queen seat belt
British royal Queen Elizabeth (seen here with Prince Charles) was ratted out by a subject on Wednesday for driving without a seat belt. [Image by Chris Jackson/Staff/Getty Images]

Anyone not of a royal bloodline can apparently be fined upwards to £500 (around $635 USD) if they're caught performing a similar feat.

Despite her literal free ride on the matter, Metro offers up a line about the queen's bad driving example and what it could lead to for those who drive without wearing seat belts.

"Not wearing a seat belt [while driving] shows a blatant disregard for your own personal safety," they say of the dangerous act.

[Featured Image by WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images]