'Days Of Our Lives': Marlena Contacts Andre, Deimos Tells Victor A Secret, And A Villain Returns [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of October 24 are in. What can fans expect from the Salem residents? Just because the triple threat that terrorized the characters appears to be gone or apprehended doesn't mean things will be calm. At the same time, the week won't just be about drama or chaos either. Expect plenty of romance weaved in on the NBC soap opera during the next five episodes.

DOOL spoilers are below. If you do not want to know what is going to happen, then do not continue reading.

On Monday's episode of Days Of Our Lives, expect Eduardo and Kate to share a smooch. That's right, spoilers tease that the former lovers will reconnect. Even though Eduardo spent so much time and energy trying to recapture his wife's heart, he just can't seem to resist kissing Kate Roberts. It is true that Mama Hernandez left town shortly after Eduardo did, but fans were hoping that the two would reconcile. Apparently, Adriana went in a different direction and is barely mentioned, even by her own family.

There is good news for one couple, according to She Knows. Kayla will set up a romantic surprise for Steve. This is definitely a big change, since it is usually the other way around. Nearly losing him obviously made Kayla realize how much she loves him.

Also, expect Marlena Evans to reach out to Andre DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. Under normal circumstances, this would be odd. However, many people in Salem are thankful that Andre and Chad DiMera came up with a plan to take down Clyde Weston. Even Kayla was appreciative of how Andre stepped up to the plate.

Could all of this gratitude result in Andre trying to do more good than evil? Fans will have to wait to see. However, Lauren Koslow did say in an interview that Kate thinks Andre is a bit misunderstood. The actress also reasoned that Andre does bad things because it is expected of him.

On Tuesday, Abe Carver will be reunited with an old flame who will be his heart specialist. However, Theo isn't a fan when he catches her in a lie.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, spoilers state that Victor Kiriakis will announce his retirement. On Days Of Our Lives, he will try to figure out who will be the best person to replace him at Titan. As fans saw last week, Philip wants the position. However, Victor and Philip still have a lot of issues to work out. One theory is that Brady Black will be put in charge, but will Maggie convince him not to completely exclude Philip? Could Victor make Brady and Philip work as a team at Titan? Or will he surprise everyone by picking someone else, like Deimos?

Speaking of Deimos Kiriakis, spoilers hint he will share a secret with Victor on Wednesday. This must have something to do with Chloe and Philip's plan to switch the paternity results. However, Nicole Walker did not have all the information. Kate never made it to the clinic in time to do anything about the paternity test. So, Deimos and Nicole think that he is the father of Chloe's baby on Days Of Our Lives. Unless there is some bizarre paternity test, the biological father is someone other than Deimos. What kind of drama will he cause Chloe and her family? Will she ever forgive Nicole for breaking her trust?

On Thursday's episode, Dario will agree to join Eduardo in his new business. Previous Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased that the Hernandez family would give the DiMeras and Kiriakis' some competition. Dario isn't the only one who could land a new job. Eduardo approaches Kate with a new career opportunity.

At the end of the week, expect Salem to participate in a Halloween charity fundraiser, sponsored by the DiMeras. There will be a shocking announcement. Also, a magician will perform at the hospital and Marlena, John, Kayla, and Steve enjoy the act. However, it ends up taking a dark turn. The promo clip from NBC hints that the magician is actually Orpheus. If that is accurate, then that means he didn't really die. The final act resulted in the lights going out and the magician, Kayla, and Marlena have vanished.

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