WikiLeaks Publishes New Emails From DNC's Donna Brazile After She Calls Previously Released Emails 'Totally False'

Donna Brazile's rocky start as the interim DNC chair worsened on Friday after WikiLeaks published its latest batch of hacked emails. The 14th installment of released emails from the hacked Gmail account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, included one email that seems to directly contradict Brazile's approval for the economic growth under President Obama.

"I think people are more in despair about how things are — yes new jobs but they are low wage jobs," Brazile said in an email sent to Podesta in February. "Housing is a huge issue. Most people pay half of what they make to rent."

One month prior to sending this email, Brazile tweeted her support for Obama's leadership that she attributes to the nation's economic growth.

The latest dump of emails comes just hours after Brazile got into a heated interview on Fox News where she hinted that the WikiLeaks emails are fabricated.

Megyn Kelly questioned Brazile about a different email previously released by WikiLeaks suggesting that when she was a political commentator at CNN, she passed along a question to the Clinton campaign before a Democratic town hall with Bernie Sanders.

"You were accused of receiving a debate question before a CNN town hall," Kelly said. "You had this question that verbatim was provided by Roland Martin on CNN the next day — how did you get that question, Donna?"

After sparring with Kelly for a few moments, Brazile then said the email was "totally false."

"I am not going to try and validate falsified information," Brazile quipped.

DNC Chair Implicated In Newly Released WikiLeaks Emails
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The email Kelly was referring to was sent with the subject line "From time to time I get the questions in advance." Martin denied sharing the questions in advance with Brazile when asked by a reporter from Politico. Martin was also asked if he ever consulted with Brazile before the town hall.

"As far as consultation, I don't believe I did. I know I asked all of my social media followers for their input on what they wanted me to ask," Martin said.

Brazile was also implicated in the WikiLeaks emails released from the DNC hack that led to chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's resignation hours before her party's convention. Brazile insisted that she remained neutral throughout the Democratic primaries, but one email created awkward tension after she was appointed as Schultz's replacement.

Brazile was not thrilled that Sanders endorsed Tim Canova, Schultz's congressional primary challenger in May. A Clinton staffer emailed Brazile with the subject line "Did you see this?"

"How stupid," she replied. "Don't know how to respond to Bernie anymore."

Democratic Party haunted by Hacked WikiLeaks Emails
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Brazile issued a statement before the start of the Democratic convention which didn't imply at the time that the leaked emails were fabricated.

"On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email. These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process."
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has also floated the idea that the emails released by WikiLeaks could be fake. In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Kaine warned the American public that the hacked emails could be doctored.

"I don't think we can dignify documents dumped by WikiLeaks and just assume they are all accurate and true," Kaine said. "Anybody who hacks in to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them."

WikiLeaks tweeted a cryptic threat to both Kaine and Brazile on Thursday.

As Clinton said on the debate stage this week, U.S. intelligence officials believe Russia is responsible for the release of the DNC and Podesta emails. But claims that these emails have been fabricated or manipulated are currently unsubstantiated. Could Brazile and Kaine be floating the idea that the WikiLeaks emails are fake to cover their own tracks? We'll know soon enough. WikiLeaks has been publishing materials since 2006 and nothing has been proven to be incorrect thus far.

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