Donald Trump Admits That He May Lose The 2016 Election — Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Prepares For Him To Challenge Results

The presidential race is in the home stretch, and in a matter of a few weeks we’ll find out who will be the next president of the United States. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump refused to confirm during Wednesday’s debate if he would accept the voting results on November 8, CNN reports. It prompted Hillary Clinton’s campaign to prepare for Donald to challenge the results of the election next month.

Hillary hit the campaign trail this morning in Ohio. It is the state that she struggled to get the votes she needed to win the election. Trump has had the edge on her for most of his campaign, until recently. The recent polls show that Hillary may be closing in on Trump, which could spell disaster for Donald’s campaign. It’s not looking good for his campaign, and many media outlets don’t see how Trump can pull off a win on November 8. Even so, Donald’s supporters refuse to give up and continue to believe that he will become the next president.

During Clinton’s speech on Friday, she reminded voters that Donald wouldn’t state if he would accept the results of the election, something that she felt “violated the rules of democracy.” Hillary compared Trump’s ideas to dictatorship instead of leadership.

Hillary explained that she felt she is the candidate that can earn the votes from independent, undecided, and even Republican voters that are not happy with the candidate available to them.

“I want to say something to people who may be reconsidering their support for my opponent,” Hillary said. “I know you still may have questions for me; I respect that. I want to answer them. I want to earn your vote.”

Donald campaigned on Friday in Fletcher, North Carolina, where he admitted that it was possible that he could lose the election. He implied that he would accept the results of the election. Donald didn’t mention the words “stolen” or “rigged” election. Instead, he focused on urging all voters to get out and vote for him on November 8.

“I don’t know what kind of shape I am in, but I’ll be happy, and at least I will have know, win, lose or draw — and I’m almost there, if the people come out, we’re going to win—I will be happy with myself,” Trump told the crowd on Friday.

New York Times reports that the Trump campaign plans to increase his schedule in the final week, holding up to six rallies per day. Donald wants to “give it all he’s got” so in the end if he should lose, he will have no regrets.

Trump changed his tune in the past 24 hours. Not long after the final presidential debate, Donald said that he would only accept the results of the election “if he won.” He explained that he was concerned about a “rigged election” because “dead people were registered to vote.”

Donald claimed that he was cornered into waiving his right to contest the election. He was asked three times if he planned to challenge the election result.

“I would like to promise and pledge all of my voters and supports and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if I win,” Trump explained.

Donald argued that he was concerned about voter fraud — which is exceedingly rare — and he would accept a “clear election result.”

“Of course, I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result,” Donald stated. “And always, I will follow and abide by all of the rules and traditions of all of the many candidates who have come before me. Always.”

Trump has been telling his supporters for quite some time that the election could be stolen from him and urged them to watch out for voter fraud. GOP running mate Mike Pence stated that they would accept the results of a clear election result, but reserve the right to contest it, if they see fit.

Donald Trump seemed much less pumped up about “Crooked Hillary” today and appeared to look almost defeated. Is it possible he knows that he will not win the election on November 8? Will he accept the result or contest them, as he’s suggested? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]