WikiLeaks Director Gavin MacFadyen Dies Due To Lung Cancer — Is Hillary Off The Hook?

The latest Hillary Clinton conspiracy puts the death of WikiLeaks Director Gavin MacFadyen on her hands.

Politics involve dirty tactics, but we’ve known this for years. Campaign ads throw caution to the wind and slander the other guy. Debates are held with the intent to address the world’s issues, but instead, we take cover as mud and fire are thrown from both sides of the podium. This time, however, presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton is being accused of more than words.

WikiLeaks Director Gavin MacFadyen passed away on October 22. An American investigative journalist and filmmaker, MacFadyen was a key part of the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ). Appearing in multiple documentaries, he was critical to the consistency of WikiLeaks and its staff. How is this relevant to Hillary Clinton? Well, it’s no secret that MacFadyen was closely involved with a source whose intent was to blow Hillary’s campaign out of the water.

Gavin MacFadyen was known to be closely linked with Australian computer programmer Julian Assange. If you’ve been following his work, you should know that he’s been busy trying to expose Hillary Clinton’s path and what will come if she wins the election. Of course, it’s not like there aren’t naysayers who would disagree with a political party’s views, but what if that naysayer could gain access to private emails? What if those emails were put into hands that could damage one’s image? All things considered, was Gavin MacFadyen’s death more than coincidence?

Hillary Clinton has been called a murderer. Little information was released on MacFadyen’s death, but recent news has surfaced as to how he passed away. It was originally said that Hillary Clinton was secretly responsible for the death of the CIJ’s director. In a report by USA Today, it’s clear that Hillary was being blamed for MacFadyen’s passing. Convenient for Trump and his supporters? Definitely. A shot in the dark? Obviously. Still, theorists should put the torches and pitchforks away.

According to CIJ, Gavin MacFadyen died after a battle with lung cancer. Not only is the word coming straight from the source’s mouth, but there’s no evidence to support that Hillary Clinton was involved. The smoke and mirrors of politics are always present, but there’s a lack of respect when an individual’s death is used to throw accusation for campaign purposes.

WikiLeaks and Hillary Clinton aren’t the closest of pals. We already know the involvement of Julian Assange and the fact that he wouldn’t stand in Hillary’s corner if it was the only space available. Regardless, it seems that the nickname “Killary” is following the Clinton trail. For what reason? While candidate Donald Trump stands at the debate and spews toxic waste in the form of interruptions and vague answers, Hillary is called “evil” and a “murderer” because someone she didn’t agree with passed away.

Gavin MacFadyen was loved and appreciated by many. We all have allies, and we all have enemies. Pushing agendas is natural, but the question remains as to whether or not Hillary Clinton will catch a break from the hearsay. Truth is inevitable, and pointing fingers without evidence is costly. Of course, this isn’t to say that Clinton or any individual is without blemish. Many question the legitimacy of some of her claims, and it’s natural to give little trust to the candidate you wouldn’t have chosen in the beginning. However, it’s a new low to turn a natural cause of death into a campaign weapon.

What are your thoughts on the accusation that Hillary Clinton might have been responsible for the death of Gavin MacFadyen? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Mark Makela/Getty Images]