Kellyanne Conway ‘Isn’t Being Paid’: Is Donald Trump About To Concede Election?

Kellyanne Conway, the embattled campaign manager for Donald Trump, was at one time seen as the woman who saved her boss’s campaign. The GOP nominee was floundering in the polls before bringing her on board. After doing so, he enjoyed a recovery and a brief lead before the now infamous 2005 video surfaced of his misogynistic remarks about women.

Now, it appears — through Kellyanne Conway herself — that the Republican may have stopped paying her, hinting at dissent in the home stretch to November 8. Retweeting Tamara Mae (@evil_mara), Kellyanne Conway blasted this out to her social media followers.


As Trump has found out the hard way this election cycle, retweets can be seen as mini-endorsements without the proper context.

Donald came under fire throughout his primary and presidential campaigns for retweeting messages and false statistics from accounts linked to white supremacists. The practice even became a campaign issue for him that he had to clear up on interview shows like Hannity.

Kellyanne Conway, prior to taking over campaign operations for Trump, had demonstrated a clear understanding of the inner workings of social media. Her job is dependent on being adept at the different forms of communication and the technologies that support them. In other words, when she retweets something, she knows what the implication of doing so is.

Breaking down the words of Tamara Mae from the tweet in the image above, it’s clear that Mae is making a joke at Trump’s expense, referring back to how he has in the past refused to pay contractors he did not feel were doing a good job.

Mae plainly states that Kellyanne Conway is one of those contractors and directly states that she is not being paid. Conway’s retweeting of this — until she addresses it otherwise — is a not-so-veiled admission that Trump may not be paying the talent behind his campaign, which is now struggling to stay alive in the polls.


What’s worse for the Donald, this isn’t the first time that Kellyanne Conway has retweeted something unflattering about her boss. As Mediaite’s Lindsey Ellefson writes in the site’s coverage of this tweet, Conway had previously retweeted someone joking that Trump’s “bad hombres” remark during the third debate was unapproved by Kellyanne.

Her retweet drew criticisms, Ellefson writes, “for retweeting something that boosted her profile by dragging his down.”

The campaign has boosted the profile of Kellyanne Conway, who became the subject of a parody video on SNL where she was played by Kate McKinnon. In the video, Kellyanne (McKinnon) is trying to take a day off from work only to face repeated call-ins to clear up something asinine that her boss (Trump) has done.

On Friday, people on Twitter who believed Conway’s retweet was her throwing shade at her employer wondered if there wasn’t some truth to the skit.

With less than 20 days remaining in the campaign cycle, it’s likely that Kellyanne Conway stays tied to Trump no matter what happens on November 8. Fans of the GOP candidate are still hoping the latest polls are wrong and that Election Day will result in a #Brexit-style surprise.

But with internal actions, such as those from Kellyanne, the probable results are coming more sharply into focus. And for any clinging to the hope that Kellyanne’s retweet that she isn’t being paid by Trump was just an oversight, she has had over 19 hours to correct it. It remains up.

But what do you think, readers? Is Kellyanne Conway implying that Donald Trump has stopped paying her? Do you think she will stay with the campaign until Nov. 8, or is this perhaps a “tell” that Trump is on the verge of conceding the race before Election Day? Sound off in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Gage Skidmore |Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY-SA 2.0]