Justin Ross Harris: Woman Testifies That Harris ‘Sexted’ Her While His Son Died In Hot Car

Numerous women walked into a Glynn County, Georgia, courthouse this afternoon to testify that Justin Ross Harris, the man accused of leaving his toddler son in a hot car to die, “sexted” with them and exchanged nude photos on numerous different occasions.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a group of women took turns testifying today during Harris’ trial in Brunswick, Georgia, indicating that Harris not only sent explicit text messages, but also met up for sexual acts. According to the prosecution, the women’s testimonies help support the accusation that Harris intentionally left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in a car with its windows rolled up on June, 18, 2014, in order to get out of his marriage. The young boy died in the car after experiencing “nausea, headaches, dehydration, seizures and anxiety.”

One of the women, Jaynie Meadows, was 18 when she met Harris online in 2013. After chatting with her on numerous occasions, Harris apparently told the Alabama college student that he was in love with her.

“He told me he loved me everyday.”

Meadows also read a text message aloud that Harris sent her in 2013. He allegedly wrote that his son was the only reason he was still married to his former wife, Leanna Taylor. She’s referred to as “L” in the text message.

“If (Cooper) wasn’t in the picture, I probably would have left L by now.”

Under cross-examination, however, Meadows appeared impatient and agitated while Harris’ defense attorney questioned her testimony and tried to drill holes in it. She admitted that Harris told her that he loved his son immensely and stayed in his marriage because of the child.

Another text partner, Alexandra Swindell, testified that Harris used the screen name BAMAXH and met her while in a chat room in 2013. After exchanging messages with him, Swindell admitted that Harris drove to meet her in Birmingham, where she performed “sexual acts” on him. They never met again, but in 2014, Swindell texted Harris. He replied by sending a photo of his genitals.

Elizabeth Smith, 24, also testified that she exchanged text messages with Harris. She said they began sending sexually explicit messages in early 2014. Shortly after, they met up and had sex in a car, off of I-75 in the Atlanta area. A few months later, Harris sent her a pic of himself and his son at a Braves game.

At around 7:25 a.m on June 18, 2014, just hours before Cooper died, Harris texted Smith and asked to meet her up for sex. She declined and told him she was in Hilton Head.

Did Justin Ross Harris Intentionally Kill His Son?

Despite a number of women testifying against Harris, his defense team continued to paint a completely different picture of him. One of the defense attorneys, Carlos Rodriguez, presented at least a dozen text messages that Harris sent, where he wrote over and over how much he loved his son.

“That joker decided, ‘Hey I’m gonna get up early.’ Ha ha Ohhhh gotta love kids. … He’s awesome,” Harris wrote in one text.

On June 11, 2014, Harris sent a photo of Cooper to his ex-wife. It appeared that the toddler was at a daycare center when the picture was taken. Harris wrote that Cooper was excited to see him and screamed “Daddy!!” right before he took the photo.

Earlier this week, Harris openly wept and turned his head away when a coroner presented photos of his deceased son’s body. On a few occasions, he put his hand over his face, while his shoulders visibly shook.

Prosecutors have maintained that Ross planned out his son’s death, evidenced by his own internet searches for “how to survive in prison” and “car deaths.” He also joined a “child-free” group on Reddit and had $2,000 and $25,000 life insurance policies on Cooper.

Justin Ross Harris is facing a felony charge of murder. If convicted, he could get a life sentence.

[Featured Image by Kathryn Ingall/The Marietta Daily Journal/AP Images]