'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Producer Says No One Is Safe From Dying

On the upcoming Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, a beloved character will die at the hand of Negan and his baseball bat, Lucille. There are a ton of rumors that indicate two popular characters will actually die on the show, which will likely cause a lot of grief among the fans of the popular AMC TV show.

In an interview with Time, Walking Dead producer Gail Anne Hurd admitted that this is just something that fans will have to understand about the show. According to Hurd, no one is safe from dying on The Walking Dead.

Fans who came from the Walking Dead comic books to the TV show know that anyone and everyone could die. The only people in the comic books that seem untouchable when it comes to death's hand are Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes. The reason for that is because Rick is the face and the main protagonist of the stories, while Carl has been set up as the future leader. Fans also know that Rick will possibly die in the future, possibly right before the end of the series.
When it comes to The Walking Dead TV show, fans have already gotten a taste of that. Popular characters like Herschel, Beth, and Lori Grimes have all died on the show, and each one of those deaths has hit fans in hard ways. The death of Herschel especially was tough because he was considered the heart of the group of survivors at that time.

However, if the Negan storyline from the Walking Dead comics plays itself out on the television screen, it could mean the end of one of the show's most popular and beloved characters. It could also mean that a few fans could stop watching the show completely after the Season 7 premiere.

In the comics, it is Glenn who dies at the hands of Negan and Lucille in the pages of The Walking Dead No. 100. Also in the comics, Abraham is dead by the time all this happens, taking the arrow that Denise took on the TV show. There have been a ton of rumors that indicate that both Glenn and Abraham will die on the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. Hurd said that everyone could die eventually.
"We respect the fans but we also want to remain true not only to the underpinnings of the comic book but to where the characters are in their journeys. And there's going to be an expiration date for everybody."


Of course, TV shows are different than comic books and losing readers because a certain character dies is less likely than losing viewers. However, in an interview with Time, AMC Network President and CEO Josh Sapan said that he feels The Walking Dead could run for as long as Star Wars, so losing fans is not a goal for the series. Gail Anne Hurd has a more honest answer to the question of longevity.

Gail Anne Hurd has a more honest answer to the question of longevity. According to the producer, all that matters to her when it comes to the television show is the fans and not so much the network.

"It really has to do with how long we're able to tell compelling stories... I think everyone is in a different position. The head of the network is talking to the investment community, I talk to the fans."
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