Luann de Lesseps Starts Filming ‘RHONY’: Her Wedding Will Possibly Be Included In New Season

Luann de Lesseps had quite the season of The Real Housewives of New York this year, as she went from being single, to dating, to engaged, to the victim of a cheating scandal. While some people felt bad for Luann after she learned that Thomas D'Agostino had cheated on her, others felt that she deserved it.

Luann de Lesseps hadn't taken her co-stars' previous relationships into account, as both Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan had dated him. She faced so much criticism that some fans were convinced that she wouldn't be returning to the new season of The Real Housewives of New York. Some people felt she would quit because she looked downright ridiculous.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps announced yesterday that she's definitely returning to The Real Housewives of New York, despite rumors that she was quitting the show due to stress.

"Let the games begin Season 9 #RHONY xo," Luann de Lesseps revealed on Twitter, sharing a video of her sharing that she started filming the new season yesterday, asking her viewers for good luck.

While some people were surprised that Luann would already be filming the new season, others were disappointed that she was returning. Luann de Lesseps was not exactly a likable person last season, as she kept ignoring all of the red flags that her co-stars were sharing with her in regards to Thomas D'Agostino. Not only did her co-stars feel that he was a sketchy man, but he had also hooked up with two of her co-stars - and he kept denying it. His stories simply didn't make sense, but de Lesseps chose to believe him. She was so blinded by love that she even forgave his cheating.

"I was very hurt when Bethenny shared with me, after showing the other girls, the photo of Tom at the Regency. It took me some time to pull myself together after the initial shock. My gut reaction was to think about how this looked to my friends and family, and it wasn't until I had time to think that I began to understand what I was feeling," Luann de Lesseps revealed in her Bravo blog last year after it came out that she had forgiven him for his cheating.


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"We all make mistakes, and some we make in private and others we make for the world to see. After I found out about what Tom had done, I had to dig deep within myself to find the love to forgive, but I did," Luann de Lesseps continued, revealing that she wants people to forgive Thomas for his behavior just as she had done.

"I forgave him shortly after reuniting back in New York. Was it easy? No way. Am I glad I did? Absolutely. We are still engaged and are finalizing our New Year's Eve wedding plans. He's a good man and we love each other. We will stand the test of time regardless of what those women try to do to ruin our happiness," Luann de Lesseps concludes in her blog, revealing that not many of her co-stars were supportive of her decisions.Luann de Lesseps may film her wedding for this new season of The Real Housewives of New York, which is scheduled to start airing sometime in 2017. While not many of her co-stars are invited, it seems like she would want to share this journey with viewers. The question then becomes how many viewers would want to see her wedding.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps' tweet that she's back filming The Real Housewives of New York? Do you think she will be worth watching on this new season of the show?

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