‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13, Episode 5 Recap And Review [Spoilers]

Season 13, Episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Both Sides Now” aired last night, and here’s the scoop on everything that happened.

Amelia’s period is late, so could she and Owen be expecting a baby together? Grey’s Anatomy fans know Amelia wants children, but she has already given birth to a child once. Considering the fact that her son was born without a brain, it makes sense regarding why the thought of being pregnant again could be so terrifying for her. Amelia, however, is forced to face the scary possibility when her period doesn’t show up on time.

As US Weekly points out, Amelia shocks everyone in Season 13, Episode 5 when she starts telling people she’s pregnant. Maggie couldn’t be happier to hear Amelia is pregnant, but Meredith has a much more levelheaded reaction. Basically, she keeps reminding Amelia that until she pees on a stick, and the stick tells her she’s pregnant, she isn’t pregnant.

Meredith does make a pretty good point. Why doesn’t Amelia just take a pregnancy test to confirm whether or not she is pregnant? It isn’t like Amelia has to find time to go to a drugstore to get a test or has to have the money to buy the test. She works at a hospital. Chances are pretty good taking a pregnancy test is easy for someone who works at a hospital.

As Episode 5 of Season 13 progresses, it becomes clear to Grey’s Anatomy fans that the reason why Amelia is avoiding a pregnancy test is because she’s afraid to know. Part of the issue likely has something to do with her struggles to remember the last time she was pregnant. By the time she discovered the news, the father of the baby was already dead from a drug overdose. Not only does being pregnant remind her of her dead child, but it also reminds her of her dead boyfriend. Things couldn’t get much worse for her, could they?

While Amelia is struggling with her own problems, Owen is spending time babysitting the child of Jackson and April. He starts out struggling to get a handle on the child, but he appears to get the hang of it as time goes by. As Grey’s Anatomy fans well know, Owen is someone who has always wanted children. It was one of the biggest struggles he had with Dr. Yang. So, when Amelia finally reveals to Owen that she might be pregnant, he couldn’t be happier. Owen wastes no time starting to brainstorm and prepare for the baby. Unfortunately, things take a sad turn when Amelia finally takes the pregnancy test and it ends up being negative. There is no baby, at least not yet. Could it just be too early or did Amelia jump the gun?

Unfortunately for Alex and Jo fans, DeLuca and Jo have started to ramp up the flirting. Whether or not DeLuca and Jo are going to hook up is something Grey’s Anatomy fans have been speculating about ever since Alex punched him. Would this relationship go anywhere or is this just going to be a one-time hookup? Given the history and drama surrounding the potential relationship, it seems like DeLuca and Jo are doomed from the start.

US Weekly also points out how frustratingly slow the relationship between Meredith and Riggs is developing, it it is developing at all. When her air conditioning went out during the heat wave, Riggs offered to help her. Meredith thought Riggs meant he was going to come over and help her fix the AC, but he was actually offering her to come and stay at his house where the air conditioning was working just fine. Meredith, unfortunately, turned Riggs down. Is there ever going to be a relationship between Meredith and Riggs or are Grey’s Anatomy fans holding out for a relationship that isn’t going to happen this season?

Perhaps the darkest moment of the entire Episode 5 of Season 13 was when Meredith said she was “off the hook” for telling Derek she was pregnant with Ellis because he was dead before she found out.

There you have it, everything that happened during Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 5.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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