October 24, 2016
'Destiny' Festival Of The Lost Spooks PS4 And Xbox One Tuesday, Silver Dust Economy Changes Inbound

Festival of the Lost is officially returning to Destiny next week for PS4 and Xbox One owners. Activision and Bungie made the announcement Friday with a new trailer showing all the Halloween-themed goodies that will be available, including a Ghost with a ghost costume. Additionally, changes to the Silver Dust economy are coming, starting with an upcoming patch.

The 2016 edition of Festival of the Lost will kick off on Tuesday, October 25, and run for two weeks until the weekly reset on Tuesday, November 8 with the weekly reset at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT.

Festival of the Lost will once again bring candy collection-themed quests to Destiny. Expect many of the masks and items to return from the first year of the event, while all new quests and rewards are added. Tyra Karn and Lord Saladin will hand out quests in the Iron Temple social area, while Eva Levante will do the same at the Tower.

Killing enemies in both PVE activities and Crucible multiplayer activities will reward players with candy used to complete quests. Some of these quests will require players to wear a certain mask. Giving a full bag to Eva Levante will reward a Rare mask that can be turned into a permanent Legendary mask using glue. Alternatively, they can be dismantled into paper scraps to make more quests.

Expect each character on your account to receive a Legendary mask. This means up to three masks can be picked up from the start for those with multiple Destiny Guardians.

It's a Ghost Costume for Ghost in Destiny Festival of the Lost for the PS4 and Xbox One.
Ghost gets a Ghost costumer for Festival of the Lost. [Image by Bungie]

Some of the new items that will be available in this year's Festival of the Lost are as follows, with links courtesy of Destiny Tracker:


Ghost ShellsEmotes
  • Howl: "Let it all out, Young Wolf!"
  • Terrify: "Float and spin."
Destiny Guardian with an Oryx mask sneaking up to scare other Guardians.
[Image by Bungie]

Meanwhile, the Silver Dust economy has frustrated Destiny players since it was added with the release of the Rise of Iron expansion. The Silver Dust micro-transactions are currently doled out in small amounts via Radiant Treasures that can be earned once a week or purchased, and by dismantling Ornaments. Still, it costs two Silver Dust to attach Ornaments to all armor and weapons that are compatible, plus 25 Silver Dust to purchase Ornaments from Xur.

It was obvious changes were going to be made to Destiny latest micro-transaction economy and Community Manager Chris "Cozmo" Shannon addressed that in a Bungie forum post.

"We are currently working on several changes to the Silver Dust economy to improve the player experience. We want to ensure that players who are completing Rise of Iron's pinnacle challenges feel rewarded for their success. With this patch Trials, Wrath of the Machine, and Iron Lord Armor Ornaments will no longer require Silver Dust to apply. The Silver Dust requirement for applying Exotic Weapon Ornaments will remain, as the Silver Dust required for application is provided by the Radiant Treasure box.

"Year 1 and Year 2 Iron Banner armor found in Dusty Iron Engrams and on activity completion of Iron Banner matches was incorrectly dismantling into Legendary Marks. With the patch, these items, when dismantled, will now yield 1 Silver Dust."

This is just the first set of changes coming to Destiny's Silver Dust economy and overall micro-transaction economy. Bungie plans additional "changes and balances" to all things related to the Eververse shop as part of the upcoming winter release.

[Featured Image by Bungie]

[Update: Bungie confirmed the time that Festival of the Lost would start. Article updated to reflect that.]