Why Simon Cowell Needed An Exorcist, And How His Toe Caused A Media Frenzy

Simon Cowell, the English media mogul, believes that any occurrence that can’t be explained by logic must have a supernatural element to it. This belief may shock many of his admirers who perceive Simon Cowell as a forward-thinking entrepreneur; a man who has earned fame by trusting in his own ability.

However, Simon Cowell has revealed that, as a child, he used to stay in a haunted house; at which time he became aware of a supernatural presence when he failed to find an alternative explanation for the banging on his door. His belief in ghosts strengthened further when he witnessed items crashing on the kitchen floor of their own accord. Ultimately, an exorcist was called to address the issue. According to the Irish Examiner, Simon Cowell has openly admitted to having encounters with the supernatural.

“Over the years I have seen and heard things, so I do believe in ghosts, but I am not afraid of them.”

Although Simon Cowell believes in ghosts, he’s not afraid of them. The creator of The X Factor franchise believes that ghosts and spirits exist only to make their presence felt by establishing contact with humans. Previously, Simon Cowell claimed he’d seen ghosts when X Factor was being filmed in the French Chateau de Moh, a traditional chateau in Lorne Valley.

Although other X Factor crew members have supported claims made by Simon Cowell, no family members have commented on the authenticity of Simon’s ghost stories. Instead, Tony Cowell, Simon’s elder brother who co-wrote his autobiography, claims that his brother worked as a runner in the production unit of The Shining, a Stanley Kubrick horror film that’s considered to be one of the scariest movies ever made. Tony claims that Simon Cowell was assigned the job of polishing the ax that was used by the film’s protagonist after being possessed. Later, Simon Cowell also featured in Scary Movie 2, a horror comedy film. He then went on to launch Syco Entertainment, a media company which collaborated with Fremantle Media and created The X Factor.

Simon Cowell may not consider ghosts to be scary, but many X Factor contestants are afraid of Simon’s presence on the judge’s panel, mostly due to the blunt comments he makes on their performances. Simon Cowell gained notoriety by attacking contestants in a way that was perceived by many to be insulting, and because the harsh judge has cruelly embarrassed many contestants, it’s not surprising that audiences enjoy seeing Simon Cowell placing himself in embarrassing situations.

Recently, Simon was mocked by fans and the internet at large when he appeared to slip on his own trousers during the show. This incident revealed that audiences were keenly observing the media mogul during the show.

Most recently, Simon Cowell again became the subject of ridicule when a scene showed the X Factor creator sitting on a sofa between Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton. During the show, the barefooted Simon was shown seated in a relaxed position with one leg folded on the sofa while the other foot remained on the floor. However, News Australia reported that the toe that was resting on the couch became an object of ridicule when audiences mistook the exposed toe for Simon Cowell’s penis.

For a moment, audiences were under the false impression that Simon was enjoying the performances in unzipped trousers and the scene was exposing more than what was acceptable. The internet went into a frenzy over the scene and, in the end, the audience enjoyed a good laugh.

However, this amusing incident was just a small moment for the media mogul who’s strictly focused on judging his reality show. Simon Cowell carried on with his job of selecting three talented singers to perform in his Judges’ Houses. According to the Huffington Post, Gifty Louise, Emily Middlemas, and Samantha Lavery were the three contestants who progressed to the next round.

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