Did The Elections End Wednesday Night Because Trump Always Takes The Bait?

For over 30 minutes on Wednesday night at the final presidential debate, Donald Trump looked a different man, but once again, he got baited by Hillary Clinton and lost it.

At the beginning of the debate which held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Trump was unbelievably sedate and calmly got his points across without the verbal sparring he has come to be associated with. According to the Wall Street Journal, everything looked to be going very well until the 70-year-old politician started talking about the wall that would stop illegal immigrants from entering into the country.

Democrat Hillary Clinton questioned Trump's tough talk of getting the Mexican president to build a wall across the Southern border saying that the New York businessman choked when he met with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

"Didn't even raise it. He choked…then got into a Twitter war because the Mexican president said, 'we're not paying for that wall.''
Mrs. Clinton was baiting Trump like she had done in previous debates and the Republican Party nominee who is never known to let anything slide began punching back and lost the composure Republicans wanted him so desperately to keep.

[Image by Joe Raedle/AP Images]
[Image by Joe Raedle/AP Images]

It was obvious that the Clinton camp had done their homework, carving out the best way to get into Donald Trump's head and knock him off balance. Before Hillary took a jab at Trump over the wall, the businessman had not interrupted his presidential rival or moderator, Chris Wallace.

Some of the hooks that Trump dug his teeth in Wednesday night were zingers from the second debate. He should have seen them coming, maybe he did and just could not help himself. Whatever the reason, it proved downhill from there for the Republican Party nominee.

The 68-year-old Democrat had ruffled Trump's feathers for getting too chummy with the Kremlin, playing the card that intelligence sources had fingered the communist nation for trying to influence the November elections by using Wikileaks as a smoke screen.

"We have never in the history of our country been in a situation where an adversary, a foreign power is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election. And believe me; they're not doing it to get me elected."
Donald Trump, who was trying to launch his own onslaught against Clinton and her controversial speeches for Wall Street, lost his leverage when he backtracked and tried to justify his relationship with Russia.

Clinton had interrupted him revealing that Putin would "rather have a puppet as a president." Trump was too agitated to come up with a constructive response, mumbling "No puppet, no puppet…you're the puppet…no, you're the puppet."

Pundits have long since suspected that the fastest way to take Donald Trump to the dark side is insinuate that he could lose the elections to a woman. So when Hillary Clinton picked holes in his map that was meant to "Make America Great Again," he imploded.

When the Democrat alleged that he illegally imported Chinese steel for his building, he reacted sourly, talking over her "excuse me, my turn." When Hillary Clinton reeled different accounts of how he had always insulted people of different creed and cultures and emphasized that Donald "never apologizes," he baselessly interrupted her with wrong after wrong.

It was obvious that Trump had lost the plot ever since Hillary got under his skin with the "he choked" line. Unfortunately, Trump wasn't done tightening his noose yet. One of his worst slips of the final presidential debate occurred when Clinton quipped about his failure to reveal his tax records.
"We need to put more money in the Social Security trust fund. That's part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy…my Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald---assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it."
Trump breathing heavily into this microphone had taken the bait again, raising his finger, shaking his head, and muttering, "Such a nasty woman." Before the debate ended "Nasty Woman" had become an anti-Trump meme. The Clinton camp had even gone ahead to purchase an associated domain name and redirected it to the Hillary Clinton website.

[Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]
[Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]

Many political commentators have believed it was the moment that Trump lost the debate and probably by extension, the U.S. election. It was bait after bait from Hillary and Trump kept on walking into every snare. It was a stark reminder that of what Hillary Clinton had said about before at one of her campaign rallies at how easy Trump could be baited with even a tweet.

She added that Donald Trump always blamed everyone else when things were not going his way and the race to the White House had not gone according to plan, with him alienating potential voters and even having members of his party abandon him. This led Mr. Trump to shockingly admitting that he would not accept the outcome of the elections.

"What I'm saying, I will tell you at the time…I will keep you in suspense."
Why do you think Donald Trump always takes the bait?

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