‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart Returns As Valentin Cassadine-Why Is He After Charlotte?

There is more trouble ahead on ABC’s General Hospital and his name is Valentin Cassadine. This new daytime villain is expected to blow back into Port Charles next week. He was last seen getting sent to a prison in Greece to pay for killing Nikolas on Cassadine Island. Now he seems to have a new target to focus on.

Even though he is supposed to be locked up, Valentin will be back on screen, as reported by Soap Opera Digest. He is after Claudette and her daughter, Charlotte, and General Hospital viewers will be finding out soon why he is really after them. He has already sent his henchman to Port Charles ahead of his return, which has now put Maxie Jones in danger.

Being mistaken for Claudette when she went to find her in her hotel room, Maxie found a bad guy instead. He has her tied up, and after finding out that he has the wrong girl, he is now demanding answers from her. He wants to know where he can find the little girl. Claudette’s lies since she came to Port Charles has everyone dazed and confused on what her deal is, but no one is more confused than the little girl. Charlotte has just been told that Griffin Munro is actually her dad just hours after she was told that Nathan West was her father.

Now that Claudette has discovered that her hotel room has been turned upside down, she is on the run with Charlotte. Where does Valentin Cassadine fit into all of this? He is the one who she is running from. She told the story that he was after her and Charlotte because she left him and he was angry about that. General Hospital viewers know that there is more to this story than what meets the eye.

Many have speculated that Valentin is really Charlotte’s father. That would mean that Claudette not only lied to Nathan, but she is now lying to Griffin about his newfound parenthood. She is playing with these men’s emotions, so this won’t end well for either of them. However, it could be that she is hiding an even bigger secret.

Is Claudette even this little girl’s mother? She seems to care for Charlotte, but she has already admitted that she hasn’t been the best mother. She was even ready to leave Charlotte with Nathan and Maxie and leave town without her. So, this could be an indication that she is really only taking care of this child and that there is more to her story that she is attempting to hide from everyone. Valentin is invested in this child for a reason and that will be revealed eventually when he comes back to General Hospital.

Actor James Patrick Stuart, who portrays the mysterious Valentin Cassadine, says that he is happy to be back on the daytime drama. He has fit right in with the cast and staff at General Hospital and fans will be happy to have him return as well.

Maxie is expected to make it out through this ordeal that she is in right now. In fact, TV Source Magazine has posted spoilers for next week that says Maxie and Nathan will receive some type of video that will be sent to them. Is this from Valentin? It could reveal just what Claudette is up to. Viewers will have to wait a few more days to see what this is all about.

The character of Valentin is said to be one bad seed. In fact, even Helena Cassadine mentioned that he is really bad and is not one to be messed with. So, why does he desperately want to find Claudette? He could really be that little girl’s daddy and that would certainly explain why he wants to get his hands on her.

Why do you think that Valentin is really after Claudette and Charlotte?

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