‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Episode 5: ‘Baby Talk’ Recap, Is Amelia Pregnant? Do Mer And Alex Hook Up? [Spoilers/Video]

It’s season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, and as episode 5 rolled around on ABC’s Thursday night lineup, fans were waiting (somewhat rabidly) to find out whether or not Dr. Amelia Shepherd [Caterina Scorsone] is finally pregnant. In another unlikely potential plot twist, fans of Grey’s Anatomy are also wondering what’s going on between Dr. Alex Karev [Justin Chambers] and Dr. Meredith Grey [Ellen Pompeo]. Namely, do the long-time besties (think brother and sister but without the blood bond) end up hooking up?


In the sneak peak of Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 5, fans are treated to an exchange between Mer and her sister-in-law, Dr. Amelia Shepherd. For those who don’t know, Amelia has battled addiction in her past (and recent) life, and Meredith’s first thought is that Amelia might be looking for drugs. It doesn’t take long for the Grey’s Anatomy title character to figure out that Amelia is looking to score a pregnancy test, not an Oxy.

But is Amelia pregnant? The truth is revealed as Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 5 progresses, reports TV Line. But not yet.

First, fans of Grey’s Anatomy are treated to a delightful sight. It’s Dr. April Kepner’s [Sarah Drew] first day back at work after her harrowing delivery of daughter Harriet in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 12. If you’ll recall, Dr. Kepner had an emergency c-section (sans tools and anaesthesia) at the hands of Dr. Ben Warren [Jason George]; fortunately, the procedure saved the lives of both mom and baby. Now that April’s all healed up and back at work, her little sweeting is giving Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) some baby fever. Good thing he’s hubby to the possibly pregnant Dr. Amelia Shepherd.


During Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5, Dr. Bailey [Chandra Wilson] and Dr. Grey end up fighting over a liver. Dr. Bailey’s patient is an octogenarian, a rarity for the tippity-top of the transplant list, and she’s been waiting for her liver for a while. Dr. Grey’s patient, Chelsea, is more emergent, with Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5 featuring the patient showing up, dehydrated, at Grey-Sloane Memorial. Complications of the dehydration forced Dr. Grey’s much younger patient to the top of the transplant list with Dr. Bailey’s elderly one.

However, when Dr. Grey approaches the “old lady” to see if she’ll sacrifice her liver transplant so a young woman can have a chance at life, the patient refuses, saying “Screw her!”

Ultimately, as often happens in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, both Meredith’s and Bailey’s patients get their livers. Also, as often happens on Grey’s Anatomy, there is a price. For Meredith’s young woman to get a liver after Bailey’s “old woman” refuses to give up hers, the patient of Dr. Maggie Pierce [Kelly McCreary] and Dr. Stephanie Edwards [Jerrika Hinton] loses his battle.

But what about Amelia and Owen and their “maybe baby”? What about Alex’s ongoing legal battles?

As Bustle reports, Grey’s AnatomySeason 13, Episode 5 does little to address the ongoing Alex Karev drama. Bailey and Meredith are still trying to save him, but Catherine Avery [Debbie Allen] wants him gone. And perhaps rightly so. Even though Dr. Alex Karev has been a part of Grey’s since day one, he nearly beat a fellow doctor to death at the end of last season. What is an appropriate consequence for that level of violence? Particularly when his victim is still employed by the hospital? And particularly when Grey’s Anatomy is known for making its grievances against doctors punishable by death and/or banishment from the show?


As for Owen and Amelia and her desperate search for a pregnancy test in the hospital supply closet, it looks like a baby for the pair is not to be. At least not for now. After leaving a pregnancy test out for Owen to see along with asking him if he “wants to find out,” the couple learn that (at least for now) Amelia is not expecting.

When it comes to Alex and Meredith, so far the Grey’s Anatomy verdict is out. There have been a lot of rumors that the two doctors will end up together. Despite Meredith’s current crazy romance with Dr. Nathan Riggs [Martin Henderson] and Alex’s failed engagement to Dr. Jo Wilson [Camilla Luddington]. A lot of Grey’s Anatomy fans have threatened to boycott the show if an Alex/Meredith romance comes to pass (it seems a little too much like incest for many), but as Refinery 29 reports, Alex’s former lover and potential fiance Dr. Jo Wilson (or at least the actress that portrays her) thinks it could happen.

One thing’s for certain, though. As of Grey’s AnatomySeason 13, Episode 5, Dr. Karev and Dr. Grey remain no more than friends and co-workers.

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