‘General Hospital’ – Will Ava Pay for Her Role in Morgan’s Death?

One of General Hospital’s main villains has her work cut out for her. Having evaded justice for three years, Ava Jerome (Maura West) has been the proverbial thorn in the Corinthos family’s side.

Ava Jerome joined the show in 2013, and she has been causing mayhem ever since. Three months after being introduced on General Hospital, Ava murdered Sonny’s fiancée Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) to keep Connie from exposing her mobster brother’s true identity. She has never answered for her crime, even though everyone in Port Charles knows she is guilty.

She had recently been blackmailed for it by former D.A. Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi). He was in possession of a secret recording of her confessing to the killing and had been using it to get her to do his bidding. That all fell apart when it turned out that Paul was an unhinged killer himself. The revelation rocked General Hospital earlier this month.

As if Ava had not gotten away with enough, she had also been plotting the demise of her daughter’s relationship with Sonny’s son, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). As reported by the Inquisitr, in last Friday’s episode (October 14), Morgan was blown up by a car bomb planted by Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and meant for Ava’s brother, Julian (William deVry). On ABC’s website, you can watch a clip of the episode as Jason (Billy Miller) walks through the flames in the aftermath of the explosion. Morgan is presumed dead.

Morgan, who suffered from bipolar disorder, was in the throes of a manic episode and heavily intoxicated when he stole Julian’s car.

That episode had been brought on by Ava, who had switched out Morgan’s meds with placebos. With Ava having contributed to the events that led to Morgan’s death, she tried to cover her tracks in yesterday’s General Hospital (October 20).

She managed to sneak into Morgan’s room and switch back the medication so no one would know what she did if they tested his meds.

Since his death, everyone in Port Charles has been trying to figure out what instigated Morgan’s behavior. He had been on medication ever since leaving the Freeman Clinic.

In Thursday’s episode, his grief-stricken mother Carly (Laura Wright) pleaded with his doctor to help her figure out where it all went wrong. Not able to understand how Morgan hit a downward spiral so quickly and without any reason.

Ava is not out of the woods yet. She was caught hanging out in Morgan’s room by Avery’s new nanny Nelle (Chloe Lanier). She promptly called in a perturbed Sonny, who was thrown off by Ava’s presence. Due to his mental state, he lacked the clarity to find it overtly suspicious.

Fast forward to the end of Thursday’s General Hospital and Ava has thrown Morgan’s fake pills into a public garbage can. Just when she cleared the scene, a gloved hand reached in and pulled them out. Has someone finally gotten the goods on Ava? And if so, who?

In a week that has seen General Hospital’s entire cast of characters mourning Morgan, all of them have been playing the blame game with Sonny serving as the principal recipient of their outrage. The whole ordeal has left Sonny in a stupor and almost cost him his marriage to Carly.

Would finding out that Ava caused the erratic behavior that led to Morgan’s death make any difference? Ava certainly thinks so.

And whose hand was in that glove? Ava has many enemies, but no one seemed to be onto her as of late. Is it the mysterious Nelle?

Just before the latest General Hospital ended, Nelle listened to Sonny testify firsthand about how much he detests Ava and why. Did she take it upon herself to shadow the shady Jerome? If Nelle does possess that knowledge now, what will she do with it?

Ava’s trash might turn out to be the treasure that leads to her downfall. Will she pay for her role in Morgan’s demise? General Hospital fans will have to watch and see.

General Hospital airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.

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