Donald Trump: Melania Might Be Mad After Joke About Michelle Obama Speech [Video]

Donald Trump joked in the below video that Melania Trump gave the exact same speech as Michelle Obama — so Trump didn’t understand why Michelle was praised for the speech and Melania criticized. Some folks are finding Trump’s joke during the Al Smith charity dinner downright funny, while others are not.

Either way, Donald quipped that after telling such a joke — which Trump claims that his wife Melania didn’t know Donald would tell — Melania would likely give Donald a hard time when they got home. Donald motioned for Melania to stand up in the wake of the joke, then Trump verbalized that he wanted Melania to stand and take a bow.

Trump prompted the round of applause for Melania, saying that Melania got a bunch of backlash for her RNC speech similarities to Michelle’s previous speech — but Donald claimed that it wasn’t Melania’s fault. Trump didn’t mention in his speech whose fault he believed to it be — but Donald did mention that he thought Melania would be mad at him in the wake of such a joke.

Trump made the joke about Melania during the 71st annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday.

Donald even asked a cardinal to pray for him in the wake of the joke — seeing as though Donald joked about getting in trouble with Melania when he went home.


The charity dinner took place at the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York.

It was apparently a pretty busy week for Melania, with Mrs. Trump recently giving an interview to Anderson Cooper, wherein she defended Donald’s “locker room talk” by saying Billy Bush egged on the “boy talk.” Prior to Thursday’s dinner, Melania could be seen in the above photo, waiting for the third and final presidential debate between Clinton and Trump to start at UNLV in Las Vegas, on Wednesday.

Both Trump and Hillary Clinton traded barbs against one another at the charity gala, put together by the Archdiocese of New York. However, some of Trump’s jokes brought boos from the crowd.

On social media, the feedback over Donald’s joke about Melania is mixed. Whereas some people found Trump funny in being able to light-heartedly quip about a controversial plagiarism moment, others felts Trump was throwing Melania under the bus by employing such a joke.


Meanwhile, Melania’s backless black gown that Mrs. Trump wore to the dinner — as seen in the above photo — also brought buzz on Thursday.

A sampling of some the comments flowing into social media about Trump’s joke about Melania’s speech can be read below.

“Ok, this was actually funny. I don’t buy his delivery and her reaction, there’s no way he hasn’t rehearsed this with her before.”

“Now THIS is funny…Both Clinton & Trump had some good one liners at the dinner tonight.”

“When I think about Melania I cry. Please pray for her.”

“Did this fool just admit that his wife plagiarized and ripped off the same speech as Michelle Obama and in the same sentence claims unfair treatment by the ‘media’? Um hello!!! The point is the speech was ripped off…not that the response of the speeches were different! What is wrong? This is why I have no hope, you got people running around like him who cannot comprehend common sense…COMMON SENSE! And make it seem like the rest of us are being outrageous when we’re just fed up with having to deal with this type of thinking…I’m telling you I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone.”

“Because Melania is just like you dude. Did you not import her from Eastern Europe where she was a nude model?”

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]