California Woman Accidentally Handcuffs Herself, Then This Happened

Giving a new meaning to citizen’s arrest perhaps, a Sacramento, California, woman who called 911 for help when she locked herself in a pair of handcuffs and couldn’t find the key reportedly wound up exchanging them for the official, police-issued kind.

As Fox40 of Sacramento observed about the incident, the woman “arrested herself” more or less.

As it turned out, responding officers on the scene determined that there was an outstanding warrant for the woman who was stuck in a pair of handcuffs. After the fire department had removed the bracelets, she was recuffed and transported to the Sacramento County Jail.

As described by the Sacramento Bee, it may have been one of those situations where the old saying “don’t try this at home” might apply.

“Cana L. Greer, 29, called police dispatchers Wednesday morning looking for help getting out of some old handcuffs. When officers arrived, they found that she was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant, and, after removing the old keyless cuffs, slapped some new ones on her and took her to jail. The eventful night for Greer began when she was visiting a friend who was formerly a security guard, according to police. While goofing around with the friend’s handcuffs from his security guard days, she accidentally handcuffed herself.”

Cops ran a routine background check as standard operating procedure “and discovered she had a warrant for her arrest for burglary out of El Dorado County,” the Bee added.

The Sacramento PD Facebook page provided more details about the allegedly wanted woman who was already in handcuffs when cops arrived.

“As an officer was responding to help the citizen, the officer diligently conducted a records check prior to arriving and found the female to have a felony warrant for burglary out of El Dorado County. When officers arrived they thanked the woman for arresting herself and transported her to a nearby fire station to have the old cuffs removed. She was ultimately transported to the Sacramento County Jail in Sacramento Police handcuffs and booked for her outstanding warrant.”

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff, the woman was released from custody sometime today.

Reacting to the Sacramento police bust of the already-handcuffed individual, the Carbonated.TV website offered this insight.

“If only all criminals were this easy to catch… In all fairness, Greer is not the first criminal to shoot herself in the foot like this. There’s a long tradition of criminals getting themselves busted by the police. And we shouldn’t be mocking them either — what they’re really doing is simply easing the burden for our hard-working law enforcement officials. But if there’s one lesson to be learned, it’s this: If you’re going to play with handcuffs, make sure there’s a key to open them with.”

In a wholly unrelated and far more serious matter, a controversy has emerged in London, England, over a police officer who handcuffed a 13 year-old-girl and allegedly dragged her across the ground on October 15.

The Metropolitan Police in London now face accusations of brutality in the way the teenager was forcibly restrained outside a local high school. London news outlet the Sun has more details.

“Footage captured by [Katelynn Murphy King’s] twin sister shows the pupil, from Bethnal Green Academy, being hauled across the pavement during the incident, which followed an argument, the East London Advertiser reported. During the row, a 16-year-old Wapping High School pupil had allegedly called Katelynn, who was at the school to meet a friend, a ‘slag’ before trying to kick her. Now, Katelynn’s horrified family have blasted the police for using unnecessary force – and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has been called in to investigate.”

[Featured Image by PeJO/Shutterstock]