Is Wikileaks About To Take Down The DNC? Says They Have ‘Surprise’ For Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile

Wikileaks has continued to release a series of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta despite the organization’s founder Julian Assange being cut off from the internet by the Ecuadorian government. Though many of the emails have caused the Clinton campaign to do damage control, it seems that Wikileaks may have been holding out its most damning emails for closer to the election.

Wikileaks took to Twitter to announce that they will soon release a “surprise” for DNC interim chair Donna Brazile and Clinton VP candidate Tim Kaine. The threat comes after Brazile was already in hot water for reportedly acting a mole inside the Bernie Sanders campaign and also feeding Hillary Clinton questions that were going to be asked at televised town hall events in advance.

If those two offenses weren’t enough, it seems that both Wikileaks and guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe both have additional information on Brazile that O’Keefe says will cause the DNC interim chair to step down from her position.

O’Keefe does not work for Wikileaks, so it appears that things are about to get really bad for the DNC in the coming days with two purported leaks about to take place from two separate entities. O’Keefe was mentioned during last night’s presidential debate by GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump. O’Keefe recently shared a number of undercover videos allegedly showing massive voter fraud within the Democratic party. The videos are part of the Veritas Project and feature numerous undercover videos of officials within the Democratic party seemingly okay with voter fraud and inciting violence at Trump rallies.

It is unclear exactly what O’Keefe has on Brazile but it is safe to say that the DNC will receive massive backlash and negative publicity should a second DNC chair be ousted after being outed by undercover and hacker groups. Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down from her position in the DNC after Wikileaks emails showed that party officials under Wasserman Schultz’s reign conspired to sabotage the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Following her resignation, Brazile took Debbie’s place as chairwoman and left her position at CNN. If Wikileaks and O’Keefe have more damning evidence against Brazile that she has colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign or encouraged unethical behavior from DNC members, would the DNC be able to recover?

While the DNC quickly attempted to pick up the pieces following the first Wikileaks email release by having Wasserman Schultz step down and push the blame of the hacks onto Russia, if a second batch of emails proves the DNC has been guilty of voter fraud, unethical behaviors to ensure Clinton is made president or other potentially devastating releases, it is uncertain if the public would be willing to forgive a second time.

In addition to Donna Brazile, it appears that Clinton’s VP Tim Kaine may also be a Wikileaks target. The vice presidential hopeful has been relatively unscathed by Wikileaks and has instead offered himself up to do damage control from Clinton campaign chairman Podesta. However, he may have to reevaluate as the tables turn and focus on him in upcoming leaks.

What do you think about Wikileaks and James O’Keefe claiming to have more dirt on Donna Brazile?

[Featured Image via Alex Brandon/AP Photo]