Police: Baby’s Legs Broken In Apparent Long-Term Abuse By Parents

A West Virginia baby has been badly injured — with two broken legs — and police say that the boy’s parents are responsible. WSAZ News reports that 23-year-old Whitney King and 24-year-old Carey Coffman have been arrested in association with what appears to be the ongoing abuse of a one-year-old child.

Authorities in Burnsville, West Virginia say that an investigation was opened against King and Coffman back in late September, after the one-year-old victim had been admitted at an area hospital with a broken left leg. Medical staff at Ruby Memorial Hospital confirm that the fracture in the child’s left leg is referred to as a “bucket handle.” This is type of fracture is commonly associated with child abuse.

During the examination of the child, doctors confirmed that his right leg had also been fractured. However, it had been in a state of healing, which indicates that it had been fractured at an earlier time than the left leg. WDTV News reports that medical personnel interviewed the parents of the one-year-old baby, and they both had conflicting stories surrounding why the child ended up with two broken legs. Police Sergeant Scott with the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children has allege that “it’s clear” that the parents of the one-year-old baby may have abused him.

Police say that the infant’s mother, Whitney King, became “confrontational and uncooperative.” She also allegedly tried to conceal the location of her other child in an attempt to prevent CPS from removing her children from her custody. Police claim that the parents also stopped participating in interview attempts. At this time, it remains unclear as to exactly how the baby’s legs became broken.

This isn’t the first time a child has ended up with broken bones in an alleged case of abuse. Earlier this year, a one-year-old baby girl was taken to a Wichita hospital with both of her arms broken. Her skull was also reportedly fractured. The Wichita Eagle reports that the boyfriend of the infant’s mother was ultimately arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery and child abuse.

Also this year, a Texas mother was arrested when her two-month-old infant was taken to an Austin hospital with multiple broken bones and severe burns across his body. KHOU News reports that the 22-year-old mom was charged with third-degree felony injury to a child, and second-degree felony injury to a child. The infant was reportedly punched in the abdomen by his mother, and was also placed in a sink with scalding-hot running water. This allegedly caused more than 25% of his body to be covered in painful burns.

As for this latest case out of West Virginia, police confirm that both King and Coffman have been charged with two counts, each, of child neglect resulting in serious injury. The couple has also been released from jail after posting $5,000 bond. Reports aren’t indicating whether or not the duo has an attorney, or if detectives have attempted interviewing them since their release from jail. Furthermore, no reports are sharing whether or not Child Protective Services have been successful in removing the victim’s sibling from their parents’ custody.

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