‘Ouija: Origin Of Evil’ End-Credits Scene: Find Out About The Final Scare Hidden After The Credits End

Ouija: Origin of Evil is promising to bring some pre-Halloween scares to moviegoers, and there is an end-credits scene that will keep the suspense going after all the credits have ended.

The original 2014 Ouija movie gave fans a reason to stay in their seats during the credits, showing black-and-white pictures of the Zander family playing with the Ouija board. But the sequel being released October 31 will offer something even more, with an entire scene tucked in at the end (more details on this post-credits scene can be found below).

First, for those not familiar with the idea of the post-credits scene, here’s a bit of a primer. These are short scenes that generally only last about a minute at most, but sometimes just a few seconds, that come after all the credits have finished rolling. They generally offer a bit of closure to a certain storyline or introduce plot elements that will be covered in future sequels.

After-credits scenes are often found in action and suspense movies, and especially popular in comic book movies where they are often used to bring in a new character that will occupy the big screen in coming installments.

So, what is the end-credits scene in Ouija: Origin of Evil? While there are few details, IMDB has confirmed that moviegoers who wait all the way to the end will be rewarded with a scene with Lin Shayne.

Ouija: Origin of Evil is a prequel to the popular 2014 horror movie. Taking place in the same house as the original, this movie turns back the clock 50 years and explores the origin of the stitch-mouthed ghost named Doris.

There may be a good audience waiting to check out the end-credits scene in Ouija: Origin of Evil. With the post-summer doldrums moving away, the industry is starting to put out some bigger releases and there are predictions that the Ouija sequel could bring in the biggest box-office gross for the week.

Variety predicted that the movie would take in close to $17 million for its opening weekend, challenging Jack Reacher: Never Go Back for the top-earning movie of the week. But horror/suspense movies — especially those released close to Halloween when moviegoers are more hungry for scares — can tend to overperform expectations and with strong word-of-mouth the Ouija sequel could turn out to be a hit.

At the same time, Ouija: Origin of Evil could also suffer from a growing malaise that moviegoers have toward sequels. Once one of the surest ways to pull in a good box office gross, these sequels are now starting to get a bit stale, Variety noted. A series of sequels this year have underperformed, including Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Over the entire summer movie season, only three of 14 sequels were able to pull in a bigger box office gross than their predecessors, Variety noted.

“Audiences have been really put off by the notion of recycled ideas,” Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore, told the outlet. “It used to be that sequels could be quick knock-offs that capitalized on an original idea, but with social media, you can’t really hide anymore.”

Ouija: Origin of Evil has gotten mostly mixed reviews, with critics noting that it is actually far better than the original, but still falls a bit flat. But with few other horror offerings in what will be the second weekend before Halloween, it may be able to pull in a good crowd by default.

So moviegoers who trek out to Ouija: Origin of Evil should remember stay in their seats a few extra minutes after the movie ends to check out the end-credits scene.

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