‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot: Kyle MacLachlan Excited About New Series, Mum On What To Expect

The Twin Peaks reboot should resonate with fans of the original series from 25 years back while gaining some new ones among those who were too young to appreciate it or not even born yet when David Lynch originally launched the drama series in the early ’90s. And while actor Kyle MacLachlan, who played FBI agent Dale Cooper in the original run, isn’t saying much, it’s clear he’s looking forward to the reboot once it finally arrives.

What do we know about the Twin Peaks reboot so far? According to News.com.au, the series has just wrapped up filming and is set to premiere next year on U.S. network Showtime, with global distribution courtesy of CBS Studios International. The series will kick off 25 years from the date Laura Palmer, homecoming queen of the eponymous town of Twin Peaks, was murdered, but aside from that, no one knows what to expect — and no one connected with the project is spilling the beans either. Most of all, nobody knows who killed Laura Palmer, even two and a half decades after the second — and final — season of Twin Peaks ended.

Not even the man who played Agent Dale Cooper is letting any details slip, as Kyle MacLachlan, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, is “under orders” from show creator David Lynch not to talk much about the Twin Peaks reboot. But MacLachlan, 57, admits that the excitement is “palpable” and that he’s glad that the series still “resonates” among old-time audiences and potential new viewers. He also was happy to share whatever information he’s allowed to share while speaking to media at the MIPCOM entertainment expo at Cannes, France.

“It was thrilling not only to revisit the character of Dale Cooper, but also to have the chance to work with people that, in many cases, I hadn’t seen for 25 years,” MacLachlan said in an interview with the MIPCOM News, as quoted by News.com.au. “I went to work every day on the new series with a tremendous amount of excitement and gratitude — not only to be working, but to be working with my friend David Lynch, which is always very special.”

Will Dale Cooper be the man who finally solves the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer? MacLachlan, as expected, isn’t saying. But he also told the MIPCOM News that playing the role was a highlight of his long career as an actor, due to the fictional FBI agent’s complex persona. MacLachlan played Cooper in both the original series and the 1992 spinoff film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and he will reprise the role in the Twin Peaks reboot.

“There are so many facets about him that are unexpected: his oblique sense of humor, his fascination with the minutiae of life, his observation skills … It’s all part of what makes him such a good investigator, but I think he’s a cut above that. He operates on another level of perception.”

Regarding his relationship with David Lynch and how it led to confirmation of his appearance in the Twin Peaks reboot, MacLachlan told Fairfax Media in a separate interview that talk of a reboot “would come up occasionally” in talks he had with the director. He added that he felt “incredibly excited” when Lynch told him that he and co-creator Mark Frost had come up with a “story that made sense” in context of what happened in the original series.

It won’t be another few months before we see the Twin Peaks reboot finally arrive on our TV screens. But if it took about 25 years for a “story that made sense” to come to life, then it very well may be a good one.

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