Chelsea Houska’s Father Jokes About Her Wedding: ‘I Sure Hope’ They Are Still Together

Chelsea Houska has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of years, as she wants to start her life with Cole DeBoer. Chelsea has revealed that she looks forward to a life without Teen Mom, where she can start a life away from the public eye. Houska is already keeping some things away from the public, including the sex of her baby during this second pregnancy, and the MTV cameras were not invited to her wedding about two weeks ago. Chelsea just wants some privacy, and some people have no idea as to whether she and Cole are even together.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska's father is now revealing that he sincerely hopes that Chelsea and Cole are together since they recently married. Of course, his tweet had a humorous undertone as he strongly believes that his daughter is still with Cole, as the two got married on October 1.

"[Are] Chelsea and Cole still together I hope so I just love them 2," one person wrote to Chelsea's father, Randy Houska, who had a hilarious reply, writing back, "I sure hope so!! They got married 18 days ago so I think it is still going strong. We should ask Chelsea Houska."Houska herself didn't reply to the tweet, but she did share an adorable wedding picture of herself with Cole DeBoer. The two had a small wedding on October 1, where they legally got married. It was a very small ceremony and the two just gathered some close friends and family members. On Twitter, Chelsea revealed that they are having a bigger ceremony next year when their baby arrives. Next year, her Teen Mom co-stars will be invited for the ceremony. Maybe this was just a legal matter and they got the private and small wedding that they wanted.


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Over the summer, Chelsea Houska announced that she was expecting her second child with Cole, and they seem very excited about welcoming their baby to the world next year. She announced the pregnancy when she was just a few weeks pregnant and said she was due in February. Houska should know whether she's expecting a boy or a girl, but she hasn't shared that news with the world just yet.

Maybe Chelsea Houska is learning that people don't always have her best interests at heart. In fact, Houska may be keeping some things to herself, as she does have some haters -- just like every other Teen Mom star. People are quick to make assumptions about her, her daughter, her unborn baby, and her relationship. When Houska announced that she didn't want to film the show for MTV and Teen Mom, people gave her a hard time.

Several of the Teen Mom stars have said that they look forward to a life without Teen Mom, where they don't have to worry too much about what people think about them. Many of the Teen Mom stars are judged on their decisions, and it is clear that Houska is tired of people judging her life and her decisions.What do you think of Chelsea Houska's father joking around on his daughter's behalf? Do you think he handled the tweet in a funny way, giving his daughter the privacy that she wants?

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