Johnny Depp Jealous Of Amber Heard’s New Man? Amber In Financial Trouble Since Bitter Divorce?

The divorce drama that plagued stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard of late has seemed to settle, and little has been said about the former couple’s relationship that ended with Heard claiming domestic violence and seeking a restraining order against Depp. The two avoided a drawn-out legal process on the matter and simply described their relationship as passionate and real. Amber took a step back from her accusations against Depp in the end and merely stated that there was never any intent to harm.

New rumors are surfacing, however, that Heard has begun a new romance, and she has been spotted out with her mystery man, who has a bit of a resemblance to the Black Mass star. FX News Call relays details about the most recent sighting of Amber with her apparent new beau.

“Amber Heard was seen on a lunch date with a mystery man on Monday in Beverly Hills. This is after a bitter divorce battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp went public. As the ex-Mrs. Depp looked relaxed in a vintage red kimono with a couple of rips on the cloth.”

Other reports describe Amber as being in full out party mode with friends, and she is seemingly trying to forget the drama regarding her ex-husband. The fiery end to the couple’s marriage cast both stars in a terrible light, which has caused both actors to need time for recovery out of the spotlight. Johnny’s reputation was obviously tarnished due to claims of abuse, and Heard became the subject of rumors stating that she is simply a gold digger, who was only out to take the notable actor’s money. In retracting her accusations against Depp, Amber also became seen in a more negative light, although she did go about proving her motives were not money-related when she donated the entire $7 million she received from the settlement to charity.

As for their current status, Amber, as mentioned, is possibly dating the new mystery man, and there are rumors swirling that the news of the new flame in Heard’s life has Johnny a bit jealous. A confirmation in regard to who the mystery man is and whether or not Amber and he are an item has yet to be made.

Additional news about the Rum Diaries stars and their divorce involves Amber Heard’s financial state at the moment. The beauty’s net worth was reported to be $14 million, yet the publication relays that Amber is now “broke” and “homeless.” The former couple owned a condo on the West Coast, but Depp has allowed his friends to stay there for free, and although Heard still has not collected all of her belongings from the space, Depp has refused to send them along to his ex. The 53-year-old is clearly not over her accusations, which tarnished his name and image.

As brutal as the divorce was, however, Johnny was able to protect his net worth of $400 million, following paying the settlement of $7 million to the charity of Heard’s choice. The couple began dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of the Rum Diaries in 2011. They were married in 2015, following rumors that the relationship was on the rocks. Only 15 months later, Amber Heard filed a restraining order and accused Depp of domestic violence.

Johnny Depp has two children from his long-term relationship with French singer and Actress Vanessa Paradis. The two split in 2012. It is yet to be known who Heard’s Depp look-a-like is, but time will surely tell if it is, in fact, her new man, as The Daily Mail reminds. Currently, Amber is filming Justice League with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Art of Elysium]