‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Spoilers: Tom Pulls Away From Lillian, Asks For Divorce In Finale?

In next Tuesday’s episode of Married At First Sight Season 4, the remaining couples Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez, and Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados will finally decide if they want to stay together after the six-week social experiment is over. After going on a second honeymoon, Tom and Lillian, and Nick and Sonia would have to face the MAFS experts again in Episode 14, “Till Death Do Us Part,” and decide whether they want to stay married or file for a divorce.

This week’s episode of Married At First Sight Season 4, titled “Forsaking Others,” saw Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez start to worry if they were the right match for each other. Out of the three couples, Tom and Lillian seemed like they had the highest chance of staying together when the social experiment is over. They were the first to consummate their marriage, saying that they were both extremely attracted to each other. Physical attraction, however, may not be enough to save their marriage.

Over the past couple of weeks, Tom has been complaining about how Lillian has been putting her career before their marriage. If they want their marriage to work, Marlena, Tom’s mom, explained that Lillian might have to put her career aside.

“The worst thing that anyone can do to Tommy is ignore him. Tommy needs somebody to take care of him. You need to put everything aside,” she told Lillian.

In the last Married At First Sight Season 4 episode, Tom, once again, expressed the same sentiments. He felt that Lillian was not giving her all in the relationship.

“There’re a lot of times when I don’t feel that I have Lilly’s full attention. I feel disrespected, my feelings are hurt especially if I’m telling her something and she’s not even paying attention. Why should I even give it an effort? I sometimes just want to take the phone and throw it in the river.”

Married At First Sight Season 4 expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz encouraged Tom and Lillian to go on a trip and spend some quality time without their electronics. Tom suggested they drive his tour bus to the Florida Keys and while Lillian seemed concerned at first, she wanted to show Tom that she is willing to compromise to make their marriage work. The 25-year-old realtor, however, told the cameras that if they decided to stay together for the long haul and start a family of their own, there is no way they could live on the bus.

“I know Tom loves the bus. He really enjoys living in it and I love that about him but I always dreamed that when I got married, our future like we had a house, children, and a family and we can’t do that if we’re living on the bus,” she said.

While Tom and Lillian had a relatively fun time on their short road trip, Tom is still not 100 percent sure if he wants to stay married to Lillian. While he felt attracted to her, Tom was worried that having very different lifestyles could pose a problem in the future.

“I’m scared that I may make the wrong decision. I may make a decision to stay with Lillian and I can lose sight of who I am. Lilly and I were definitely infatuated with each other, and we still are, but I don’t want to base our decision on physical attraction to each other.”

In the sneak peek clip for next week’s episode of Married At First Sight Season 4, Episode 14, “Till Death Do Us Part,” Tom and Lillian were seen talking to their friends, asking their advice for the impending decision day. Lillian revealed that Tom has been acting indifferent these past few days.

“I feel like he’s pulling away,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tom admitted that he might not have found her match in Lillian after all.

“I’m starting to think that maybe lilly isn’t the exact person that I was hoping for.”

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