WWE News: WWE Wants Goldberg to Wrestle Huge Match at Wrestlemania 33

Goldberg's return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw shook its landscape. The WWE Universe had been waiting and wanting him back on WWE television for a long time, but it wasn't until the last edition of Raw that the powers that be delivered. What's great is that not only are the WWE fans happy, but now WWE officials are extremely happy with Goldberg after the huge boost his return he had on Raw's ratings.

There is still one last match left in Goldberg, which will be against Brock Lesnar at an upcoming WWE PPV. The expectation is that PPV will be WWE Survivor Series, but that won't be confirmed on WWE television for awhile. The WWE Universe won't see Goldberg again until two weeks from now during the October 31 edition of Raw. However, the WWE Universe should expect to see at lot more of him on WWE television.

It was recently reported that WWE added more dates to Goldberg's comeback tour. WWE officials are liking what they see from Goldberg. The expectation for his return was that it would be for one more match against Lesnar at the most. However, a new report is claiming that WWE officials are already thinking about another match for Goldberg, which would most likely take place in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33 next year.

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If WWE officials are looking to do more with Goldberg than just the feud with Brock Lesnar, it will be very interesting to see what happens to him over the coming weeks on WWE television. It's being reported that WWE was always planning for Lesnar to get the win over Goldberg whenever their match takes place. Those plans may have changed if the powers that be want Goldberg to stick around after WWE Survivor Series.

A lot of people are arguing that bringing Goldberg back only to lose to Brock Lesnar in his first match makes him like everyone else on the WWE roster. The appeal of their match is that Goldberg is one of the few men that could believably defeat Lesnar in a WWE ring. However, there is something to be said about Goldberg coming off the bench after 12 years and getting a win over Lesnar. That would upset a lot of people.

A loss to Brock Lesnar shouldn't hurt Goldberg's credibility, especially if he's not sticking around after WWE Survivor Series. As long as Goldberg vs. Lesnar II is of better quality than their bout at Wrestlemania 20, WWE fans will be asking for more Goldberg. If everything goes well, there will be more opportunities for him to stay in WWE. According to some new reports, Roman Reigns may be waiting for him in Orlando.

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Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns may not seem like a plausible match on paper, but it's one that would definitely have the interest of the WWE Universe, and it would sell Wrestlemania 33. WWE is interested in a match between the two heavyweights and they could book their rivalry as spear vs. spear, which would make their bout on the grandest stage of them all a battle of the powerhouses. It would be a highly entertaining slugfest.

How WWE could build to Goldberg vs. Reigns is an interesting concept. It's been rumored in the past that creative plans could see Goldberg turning heel before the end of his run. Their matchup would make a lot more sense if that were the case, but it's doubtful WWE officials would want to risk ruining the cash cow that Goldberg will be over the next several months.

If we do see Goldberg vs. Reigns at Wrestlemania, it's going to be interesting to see how WWE starts their feud. However, you have to wonder that if Goldberg goes head to head with Brock Lesnar and potentially wins the fight, you'd think that if he were to have another match with WWE, it would be against the WWE Universal Champion. Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania could be an even better idea than Reigns.

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