Apple Maps: The Dark Knight’s Greatest Enemy [Video]

The notorious Apple Maps app is the reason that Batman lost pseudo-girlfriend Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight — and the reason that he had to drive the batpod through a shopping mall — according to a hilarious parody video.

Apple’s Maps app has been criticized by nearly all quarters (if you don’t believe me, Google “Apple Maps sucks”), but the best summary of its flaws (at least, the most humorous) is found in a parody video of The Dark Knight. The scene used is one of the most familiar in the film: the tail-end of Batman’s interrogation of the Joker after which he jumps on the batpod and races to save the life of love interest Rachel Dawes.

In the re-dubbed video, Batman consults the Apple Maps app to help him reach the address given to him by the Joker and is taken on a hilarious comedy-of-errors type ride, criticizing the app openly for taking him in the wrong direction several times and short-cutting him through a shopping mall.

Now, let’s be fair: Apple Maps doesn’t completely suck, but enough people have had a few headaches over it for this Dark Knight parody to be worthwhile even if you’ve only been attuned to the gossip. The iOS 6 app was condemned quite a bit upon its debut with Apple promising that they would improve it over time. One of the many criticisms was the loss of Google’s “Street View,” which has since been added to mobile devices, reports The Appera blog.

In any case, here’s the Dark Knight Apple Maps parody video. Have a laugh on us: