Cher Comes To Las Vegas But Reveals ‘I’m Not A Cher Fan’

Cher is taking to the road again and, as details emerge of a concert series that will have her touring the various MGM Resorts International locations across the country, the pop star is opening up. Cher talks candidly about never having really been her own fan and learning to accept growing old, but, perhaps, her most relevant remarks have to do with a fear of giving up that which she loves most of all. Cher says she has always dreaded the day when she would no longer be able to perform live on stage.

Cher Is Set To Take America By Storm, Starting In Las Vegas

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The good news is that Cher is coming to Las Vegas as one part of a tour sponsored by MGM Resorts, and that alone is enough to thrill long-time fans. The not-so-good news is that we may not be seeing new material. Instead, Cher is promoting a “Classic Cher” concert tour that will begin with a brief residency in Las Vegas at Park Theater at Monte Carlo. That residency will begin in February 2017 and last through the month.

Following her Las Vegas shows, the singer will bring her Classic Cher concerts to The Theater at MGM National Harbor in Washington, D.C. There are three show dates scheduled for Cher in March.

Classic Cher concert dates are as follows:

The Park Theater at Monte Carlo
Feb. 8
Feb. 10
Feb. 11
Feb. 14
Feb. 18
Feb. 19
Feb. 22
Feb. 24
Feb. 25

The Theater at MGM National Harbor
Mar. 17
Mar. 19
Mar. 20

In talking about the new upcoming concerts, Cher says she’s doing the shows as a farewell to her fans and as a way to prove to herself that she can still deliver exciting performances in a live setting. Cher says she feared the thought that she was done performing and really pushed herself to get out at least one more tour.

“I didn’t want to be through with singing, and I knew that this would probably be the last time,” said Cher. “My voice is still really good. I’m still active and running around. I can still fit into my costumes. I thought that this is probably… it’s now or never.”

Cher Comments On The Farewell Tour That Turned Into Something Greater

While the Las Vegas and Washington D.C. shows may mark the end of her career, this won’t be the first time Cher has embarked on a farewell tour. Previously in 2002, Cher took the country by storm with her Living Proof: The Farewell Tour, which had been planned to be a brief last hurrah, but turned into something much more extensive. The Living Proof tour was such a great success, commercially, that it was extended several times, keeping the singer on the road through April 2005. By the end of that tour, Cher had played a whopping 325 dates.

Cher again graced the stage with a Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace, which ultimately led to a 2014 world tour.

“I say you have to be like a bumper car and you hit the wall, and you back up, and you go a different way — and then you go at the wall again,” Cher said when asked about her multiple returns. “The only thing I know is not to give up. I don’t know anything else.”

Cher knows what her fans want and she graciously gives them every opportunity to experience her live performances, but that doesn’t mean she likes her own music. In fact, she confesses that she’s honestly not her own fan.

“I’ve never really been in love with Cher,” 70-year-old singer Cher said. “She’s all right, but it’s like, I’m not a huge fan. I’m not a Cher fan.”

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