WWE News: Paige Undergoes Surgery Against WWE Recommendation

WWE superstar Paige said that she needed surgery to repair damage to her neck per doctor’s orders. Later that week, the WWE suspended her a second time for a second failed drug test. After Paige’s dad took to Facebook to blast the company for failing his daughter’s medical concerns, reports surfaced that the WWE’s doctors didn’t believe Paige really needed surgery and that they might not pay for it.

In a tweet that Paige sent out on Wednesday, it looks like she didn’t care too much about what the WWE believed. Paige is reportedly undergoing surgery today to repair a herniated disc in her neck that has been causing neck and upper body pain.

Paige has been out of action in the WWE since June with injuries. There were numerous rumors backstage that Paige and the WWE were on bad terms, and there were also WWE rumors that some in the company wanted her to break up with her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, fearing he was a bad influence on her career.

The WWE went so far as to separate the two superstars in the 2016 WWE Draft; they sent Paige to WWE Monday Night Raw and Alberto Del Rio to SmackDown Live. This was an obvious attempt to separate the two as other couples, such as Rusev and Lana and John Cena and Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, were kept on the same brands.

It didn’t matter. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the WWE suspended Paige weeks after the WWE Draft along with Alberto Del Rio and fellow women’s star Eva Marie for failing the company’s drug test. Alberto Del Rio asked for his release and received it, but Paige remained locked into a long-term contract with the company.

Paige’s suspension meant little since she was on an injury hiatus from the WWE at the time it was implemented. In October, after her suspension was completed, Paige said that a doctor recommended she undergo surgery, and then the WWE suspended her a second time on October 10 for another drug violation.


The second suspension was mired in controversy. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Paige said she was suspended for taking doctor prescribed painkillers. Her father then lashed into the WWE for not taking care of his injured daughter properly.

The WWE then struck back and responded that Paige was suspended for taking illegal drugs. Paige didn’t say anything else about her suspension outside of the fact that her contract wouldn’t allow her to leave the WWE. Soon, Alberto Del Rio released the doctor’s injury report, which claimed that Paige had a herniated disk.

Paige has now done two things that struck back against the WWE and the rumors of their mistreatment of her. Paige dropped to a knee this past week and asked Alberto Del Rio to marry her, meaning the WWE can no longer attempt to keep them apart.

Second, she underwent the surgery today. Paige released a second Twitter photo, showing that Alberto Del Rio was waiting for her when she woke up from the surgery.

Paige and the WWE may not be on the same page, but at least she had the surgery that her doctors say she needed in order to help her eliminate the pain she has been living with for a long time now. The WWE won’t be releasing Paige while she is injured because policy allows them to stop a contract when a contractor is out of action. Now, there is just a waiting game to see when and if Paige ever returns to a WWE ring.

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