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The third and final 2016 presidential debate is now history. Who won the debate? Republican Donald Trump — or Democrat Hillary Clinton. That’s for the public to decide, and the Inquisitr readers can play their part in shaping public opinion by voting in the new Inquisitr Online Poll.

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While the two weeks between the first and second Trump vs. Clinton debates were among the most bizarre in American political history, complete with one candidate, Trump, urging Americans to “check out (a) sex tape” allegedly made by a former Miss Universe beauty pageant winner, the 10 days between the second and third debates may have surpassed those events.

Both Trump and Clinton have taken public beatings of the kind never seen before in a United States presidential election. Following the leak of a 2005 tape recorded during a Trump appearance on the entertainment news program Access Hollywood, in which Trump was heard describing how he can get away with grabbing women by the genital area and forcibly kissing them because he is “a star,” a series of women came forward to accuse him of doing exactly that — groping or touching them in a sexual manner without their consent.

Meanwhile, Clinton was also being hammered thanks to a series of hacks exposing private emails written by her campaign chief, John Podesta. The leaks also appeared to include the transcripts of her highly paid private speeches to Wall Street firms which became an issue in the Democratic primary campaign when her opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, demanded that she release those transcripts.

The Clinton campaign has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the alleged Wall Street speech transcripts released, along with the Pedestal emails, by the self-described “radical transparency” site WikiLeaks. The following video summarizes some of the most eye-catching revelations from the hacked emails.

On October 8, the Obama administration went on the record to accuse the Russian government of carrying out the hacks in an attempt to influence the United States election — tilting it toward Trump who has often praised the leadership of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, this week going so far as to suggest that if elected, he would consult Putin during his transition into the White House.

Nonetheless, the hacked emails have been seized upon by Clinton opponents — including Trump, who fired off a series of tweets about the WikiLeaks releases on Wednesday afternoon — to claim that she is somehow corrupt or at least insincere in her policy positions.

Clinton and Trump appeared likely to face questions from debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News about the sexual assault accusations and the WikiLeaks email release — though much of the Wikileaks trove of approximately 12,000 emails has nothing to do with the campaign or Clinton’s policies or political practices.

In fact, much of the WikiLeaks stash focuses on such matters as an apparent feud between Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and Doug Band, a top aide to her father, former President Bill Clinton.

Who handled the attacks and scandals better in the third and final presidential debate, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Which candidate came out with momentum headed into the final 20 days of what has been an epic 2016 presidential campaign? Make your decision and record it with your vote in the poll above on this page.

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