Carly Waddell, Evan Bass Update: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Gush And Joke, But Are They Making Wedding Plans Yet?

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were one of three couples to leave Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise engaged, and they are still going strong now. Fans may have been a bit skeptical of this combination early on, and they weathered some rocky moments on the way to that proposal, but now they have become a favorite couple for many viewers, and everybody is anxious to see what comes next for them. What’s the latest from Carly and Evan?

Bass and Waddell have been living together in Nashville, Tennessee since before their Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, as they both already lived in the area and she quietly moved into his place as their season played out on-screen. She has gotten to know his three sons quite well, and she has joked a lot about her plans for both Halloween and Christmas decorating, with a goal to out-decorate the neighbors. Both Carly and Evan were doing some traveling separately in recent weeks, but then he put together a sweet birthday trip to Arizona for her that left her swooning over her fiance.

It looks like Bass and Waddell are settling back into everyday life in Nashville again and she took the opportunity earlier this week to share a photo of the two together and gush over her man for “Man Crush Monday.” Carly joked about how Evan stole her heart on Bachelor in Paradise by creating a fake medical crisis, and she is clearly head-over-heels for her guy.

Now that Evan and Carly are both back in Nashville, it looks like they’ve been focusing on day-to-day life once again. They just hit a Nashville Predators hockey game together, and she posted another photo joking about how jealous her dog Huck gets when her fiance’s cat snuggles up with her. Evan doesn’t post quite as much on social media as Carly, but he made sure to wish her a happy birthday on Twitter in a way that was totally fitting for these nerdy Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds and the two banter back-and-forth frequently.

Bachelor in Paradise fans would love to hear some updates on a wedding date for Carly and Evan, but the two have not shared any specifics on that front for a while now. They were recently joking on Twitter with show producer Elan Gale about a sex tape and a pregnancy, but supporters anxious for serious updates on what comes next for Bass and Waddell will have to hang tight for a bit yet from the looks of things. She has talked openly about how she knows that they will be tying the knot and she’d marry him tomorrow, but they are also taking their time and enjoying their engagement for now.

Three couples left Bachelor in Paradise engaged this past summer, and so far, all three remain together. Grant Kemp and Lace Morris are living together in San Francisco, California, and it looks like they are doing really well together. Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been living together in California since the show was airing, and despite some rumors to the contrary, they maintain that they’re doing great and are looking forward to getting married soon and hopefully having two or three more children.

Which of these Bachelor in Paradise couples will get hitched first? Nobody is revealing any specifics yet, but all three pairs say that they’re headed in that direction. Will Carly Waddell and Evan Bass manage to go the distance? Fans have a hunch that this pair could manage to make it and people will be anxious to see where things head next for them.

[Featured Image via Carly Waddell/Instagram]