Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Reunite, Head Off On Fun Trip: What Are The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Lovebirds Up To Now?

Bachelor in Paradise stars Carly Waddell and Evan Bass fell in love and got engaged during Season 3, and they are still going strong now. Many fans initially thought this was a pretty unlikely duo, considering how she felt about him during their early interactions, but now many people suspect that they could be the most likely of the three engaged couples from the summer to end up tying the knot. What’s the latest from Carly and Evan?

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell fully embrace the fact that they can be quirky, nerdy, and goofy, and that is part of what Bachelor in Paradise fans love most about them. They both already lived in Nashville, Tennessee heading into filming their season together, so transitioning into everyday life together post-filming wasn’t a huge challenge. These days she is living at his place, but due to various trips the two have spent a bit of time apart lately.

Bass gave Bachelor in Paradise fans a slight scare and then a big chuckle with a recent tweet of his. He announced via a Twitter “press release” that he and Waddell had decided to separate. Luckily, the separation was brief, as it was apparently only 12 hours long. The two are now in Scottsdale, Arizona, together to celebrate her birthday.

Both Carly and Evan have been sharing some posts via Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat about the trip in Arizona and she has made it clear that this is perhaps her favorite birthday celebration ever. Before the trip to Arizona, both Waddell and Bass had been doing some traveling separately, and it looks like they will be making the most of this vacation together.

She was in Texas visiting family recently, and he had been on the road as well, but it looked like they were both back home quite briefly last week where they hit the pumpkin patch and spent time with his three sons. Despite being apart here and there over the past few weeks, the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds seem to be head-over-heels in love and fans are hoping that they are headed toward making wedding plans relatively soon.

After the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Carly and Evan shared that they absolutely knew that they were right for one another and they knew they’d be tying the knot someday. While she said she’d marry him “tomorrow,” they have also noted that they are content to embrace their engagement for a while and will start planning nuptials when the time feels right.

There have been rumors of trouble with Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton’s engagement from Season 3, but by the looks of things, Waddell and Bass have transitioned pretty smoothly back into regular life. She has gotten to know his sons quite well at this point, and they seem to get along well with her, and Carly and Evan’s banter strikes Bachelor in Paradise fans as genuine and heartfelt. Of course, it is too early to know if this relationship will truly go the distance, but these two have been engaged for going on four months now, and they do appear to be doing quite well.

In addition to the recent travels, Waddell and Bass have been gearing up for Halloween and have tweeted a bit about Christmas preparations as well. There hasn’t really been any wedding talk since their finale aired, but it doesn’t look as if Bachelor in Paradise fans have any reason to worry that the two won’t head in that direction in the coming months. Do you think that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass will end up married or will their relationship fizzle out over time?

[Featured Image via Carly Waddell/Instagram]