Jimbo Fisher Could Take Over The Texas Longhorns’ Coaching Job?

Jimbo Fisher is one of the best head coaches in college football, and he is going to be a hot commodity following the 2016 season. He is happy with the Florida State Seminoles, but that will not stop other programs from throwing big offers his way and trying to entice him to leave for a new opportunity.

There are quite a few big schools that might be searching for a new head coach. None of those schools can top the kind of deal that the Texas Longhorns could offer if they choose to move on from head coach Charlie Strong. While there have been no official reports that the Longhorns are considering firing Strong, it wouldn’t be surprising to see something happen.

After starting the season strong and appearing to be a relevant team once again, Texas has fallen off the map. They now sit with a 3-3 record, which is only good enough for sixth place in the Big 12 conference.

Strong has had plenty of time to turn things around and get back into Big 12 contention, but he has failed to do so. That doesn’t mean that the Longhorns will bail on him immediately, but it will certainly be considered if they believe that they have a shot at hiring Fisher.

All of that being said, could Jimbo Fisher take over the Texas Longhorns’ coaching job if they do move on from Strong?

Throughout his tenure at Florida State, Fisher has proven himself to be a top-notch recruiter and has gotten the most out of his teams. Fisher has put together a 73-16 record with the Seminoles while also leading his team to a championship win.

Simon Ogus of Forbes SportsMoney mentioned Fisher as one of the top candidates to replace Strong at Texas. Very few schools have the same level of emphasis on their football program as the Longhorns. Football is a bigger deal in Texas than almost any other state, and the Longhorns would certainly be willing to make some of the most competitive offers to big name coaches.

Fisher won’t leave the Seminoles easily, but a team like Texas could pry him away. They have one of the most storied football programs in college football and have a great recruiting base. He has had his way in the state of Florida from a recruiting standpoint with the Seminoles, but he could dominate Texas and potentially Florida as well by taking the Longhorns’ job.

If there is any coach in the nation that could put the Longhorns back on the map immediately, it would be Fisher. We have previously mentioned here at the Inquisitr that the Longhorns could consider Les Miles to be their next head coach. That would be a huge step in the right direction as well, but Fisher would be the best pickup that Texas could make.

Needless to say, bringing a coach like Fisher on board would reignite the passion from the Texas fan base. It has been quite some time since the Longhorns were viewed as a serious championship contender. Fisher likely wouldn’t have them back on track next season, but it would be reasonable to expect the Longhorns to contend in the Big 12 within the next three to four seasons.

Michigan had a lot of success bringing in a big name head coach in Jim Harbaugh last season. They were immediately a team to reckon with in the Big Ten and are a serious championship contender this season.

Convincing Fisher to leave his comfortable position at Florida State won’t be easy, but there are going to be a lot of rumors flying about teams talking to him following the season.

Texas may stick with Charlie Strong for one more season, but many within the program are having doubts about his future with the team. Fisher and Miles are two names to keep an eye on when it comes to the Longhorns this offseason. Either would help restore pride to the Texas football program.

Do you think the Texas Longhorns should try to convince Jimbo Fisher to leave Florida State? Should they give Charlie Strong at least one more season to turn things around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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