First To Bite Fall Premiere Dust: CBS Pulls “Made In Jersey” From Schedule

The first fall premiere to bite the dust is CBS’ much criticized Made in Jersey – a show that tried to somehow “class up” the Jersey stereotype made famous by shows likeJersey Shore, Real Housewives of New Jersey (my personal favorite of all the “Housewives” fodder) and Jerseylicious (which sounds like a place to get awesome cupcakes but is actually about a salon).

British actress Janet Montgomery (best known for her roles on Human Target and Entourage) starred as lawyer Martina Garretti, CBS calls the character “colorful,” I say she had a really annoying accent and a completely improbable “Snooki-bump” for a professional woman trying to make it at a fancy Manhattan law firm. Think “uncouth but adorable meets sleek and sophisticated” – of course hilarity was going to ensue… right? Am I right guys? … Guys?

While CBS hasn’t officially made a cancellation announcement, Made in Jersey opened on September 28 to poor critical reception and dismal ratings, the second episode fared even worse with viewers. You know it isn’t good when the best thing the Huffington Post can say about it is that it isn’t the worst show on television. HuffPo guessed the first fall premiere to get the axe would be Fox’s The Mob Doctor. That show had an even worse reception than Made in Jersey, which isn’t surprising given the complete ridiculousness of its premise about a surgeon forced to carry out hits for the mob and the fact that no one’s ever going to be a better “sassy Italian lawyer” than Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny.

After pulling the show from their lineup CBS announced they plan to fill Made in Jersey‘s Friday slot with reruns of NCIS and Hawaii Five-O until Undercover Boss premieres in November. RIP Made in Jersey, we hardly knew ye… actually that’s probably why they were just canceled… yeah…