UFO Expert Murdered? Max Spiers' Fiance Alleges He Was About To Expose 'Black Magic Cabal'

UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died under what some consider to be highly mysterious circumstances. Despite the supposed danger that conspiracy theorists often associate with their unique version of the truth, it's extremely rare for someone like Spiers to meet a decisively untimely end.

So when such a tragic death does happen, it inevitably raises questions. In the case of Spiers, an allegation made by his fiance has some wondering if his work was the true cause of his death.

Image via Facebook
[Image by Max Spiers' Official Facebook]

UK's Telegraph reports that Max Spiers was found dead in June in an apartment in Warsaw, Poland. According to an investigation by Polish authorities, Spiers died "of natural causes." Not surprisingly, this conclusion didn't sit well with everyone, especially those who believed the UFO conspiracy theorist had ventured too close to the truth.

This is what Vanessa Bates, Max Spiers' mother, came to believe. She said in an interview, "[Max] was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists. [He] was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa."

Spiers' mother feared her son " had been digging in some dark places," and as a result, "somebody wanted him dead."

Allegations made by Max Spiers' fiancée, Sara Adams, seem to imply the 39-year-old British ufologist was on the verge of exposing a circle of powerful individuals. Adams told Yahoo! News,
"[Max] was going to expose [a black magic cabal]. He was going to expose some of the stuff that he was working on involving political leaders and celebrities."
Sara also shared that she and Spiers repeatedly received death threats. In the months leading up to his death, Max Spiers reportedly began to take those death threats very seriously. Bates told the Telegraph her late son sent her a text message days before he died that read, "If anything happens to me, investigate."
It wasn't just that Max Spiers was fearful of his own life prior to his death; it's the manner of his death and the incomplete nature of the investigation that has some talking.

Max Spiers' close friend Miles Johnston alleges that prior to his death, Spiers took medication and had a negative reaction. Johnson told Project Camelot, "A person has died here and I don't think it's good enough [that] somebody who just took normal medication should end up vomiting, spewing black liquid, whatever it was."

That is a disturbing event, if true. However, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this event outside of this claim. There are no reports indicating that Max Spiers sought medical treatment for an allergic reaction or poisoning.

Instead, it's alleged that Polish investigators either aided in covering up Max Spiers' murder or that they were simply inept. There was reportedly no autopsy performed on the UFO expert's body, which means that if he was poisoned, the evidence was overlooked because authorities weren't moved to thoroughly investigate.

One thing is certain, and that is Max Spiers' death is a tragedy. The ufologist leaves behind two children, a fiancée, and countless grieving loved ones and friends. Due to the nature of Spiers' work, his death will always be viewed with suspicion and fear.

Did Max Spiers die of natural causes or was he a victim of foul play? Was he killed to keep a global conspiracy hidden or did the conspiracy theorist simply have an allergic reaction to medicine? These are the sort of questions that will be forever be associated with his case and probably never answered in a way that is universally satisfying.

Do you believe Max Spiers was murdered or this merely a baseless conspiracy theory? Share your thoughts below!

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